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Rescuer Shocked When They Realized That A Mysterious Package Was Staring At Them

Rescuer Shocked When They Realized That A Mysterious Package Was Staring At Them

All of us have been, at least once, in that situation where we got something delivered that we hadn’t ordered.

This exact thing happened in today’s story – only this time it was moving.

When the founder of Tabby Tails Cat Rescue, Kay Banks, was in the shower one evening, they got a notification that their front camera had detected some motion.

Quickly getting out and drying off, Kay rushed to the front door, opened it, and was met with a pile of packages, with something very interesting at the very top of them.   

Mystery Order

cat in a black bag
Source: @theceoofcats

While trying to examine a little black bag on top of their packages, Kay noticed a pair of glowing eyes staring back at them.

It was an orange cat!

The cat was cruelly abandoned in front of Kay’s home, zipped up in his carrier, and left out in the rain.

“He was very terrified. He was crying the whole time on our camera. Physically he’s in OK condition. It was obvious he was a pet,” Kay told The Dodo.

After bringing the carrier inside, Kay unzipped it, trying to lure the cat outside and assure him that he was somewhere safe. However, the cat wasn’t really getting the message.

Since he was abandoned by his owners, the cat needed some time to process and understand what was going on, and Kay was more than happy to give him that time.

Easy Does It

Kay put the cat inside of a kennel, hoping to gain his trust little by little. Unfortunately, this proved to be harder than she thought.

The cat simply wouldn’t cooperate.

Whenever Kay tried to open the kennel to clean it or bring in food, the cat, whom they later found out was named Jackson, would greet her with hisses and scratches.

@theceoofcats Jackson update 🙄 He's bullying me. #meowtok #cattok #cats ♬ original sound – Kay Banks

However, Kay decided not to give up.

Over the next couple of days, they spent some time with Jackson, slowly getting him used to their smell and the fact that they were now his hoomans.

Since they have been updating Jackson’s progress on their TikTok, many thought that his aggression was because he was in some kind of pain.

“Jackson is acting very extreme, but this actually isn’t something that is super uncommon. The truth of the matter is that being surrendered is one of the scariest and most terrifying things your pets could ever go through. And it’s not uncommon for your pets to become so scared, become so stressed, and become so depressed that they act like this,” said Kay in a video.

Kay also took this opportunity to bring awareness that it is not okay to just abandon animals in front of an animal rescuers’ doorstep.

“Please stop leaving cats here without our permission. Abusing the generosity of rescues and shelters puts these animals at risk. I don’t close our intake for fun. I close it because we don’t have enough food to feed an extra mouth. We don’t have funds to care for their medical needs, and because we don’t have the time or space for another cat. If you push those limits it stops this place from being the cat rescue we all love. If we had an infinite amount of resources you better believe I’d be trying my best to save every baby. But that’s unfortunately not the case,” they wrote in a Facebook post.

Understanding where he is coming from, Kay has the strongest patience and will to get this beautiful boy relaxed and happy.

I am sure that with time, Jackson will start to understand that there is nothing to be scared of and that he is finally in the hands of somebody who loves and adores him.

To keep up with Jackson and his progress, please follow Kay Banks on TikTok.