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Rescuers Were Shocked To Find A Starving Cruelly Dumped In A Trash Container

Rescuers Were Shocked To Find A Starving Cruelly Dumped In A Trash Container

There are many humane ways you can surrender a puppy to someone who is better suited to help them.

However, some people do not see that or they simply do not care enough about the dog to turn him over to someone else.

Problems like this are prevalent throughout the world but they are at its worst when people leave the animals in a situation where they can’t escape unless somebody rescues them.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers who were notified about a puppy who was dumped in a trash container during the worst summer heat.

A Very Lucky Puppy

When a group of rescuers were notified by a man about a puppy who was dumped in a trash container during an unusually warm day, they answered his call.

They were there in no time and immediately started looking for the so-called container where the puppy was.

After a few minutes, they heard cries coming from one of them, and they rushed to this sweet dog’s aid.

The poor puppy must have been stuck in there for a while and couldn’t get out by himself. 

No one really knows how he got in there, but it’s suspected that he was dumped there, as there was no way for him to get in there himself.

The rescuers slowly lowered the trash container until it was low enough for him to get out of it. After that, he was taken to the car and given some water.

They went directly to the veterinarian clinic as he needed a checkup to make sure he didn’t have any underlying health issues.

While there, they gave him some food, and he was so hungry that he ate it in a mere minute. It’s just heartbreaking to imagine what he went through before this.

Dennis’ New Chance 

However, just as fate would have it, the rescuers received yet another call during the vet visit about puppies abandoned in a box near a building, so they went to help.

They found these babies pretty quickly and noticed that both of them had many ticks and fleas on them.

After they were also taken to the same vet, they helped them get those off. They were also given food and water. All that remained was to figure out what the next step was.

The rescuers decided to take them into their shelter and help them recover. Everything seemed great for a while until something horrible happened.

All three puppies got sick with parvovirus, and they were taken to the clinic immediately for treatment. 

However, despite their efforts, the two newest puppies were just weak and couldn’t fight the illness. They both passed away shortly after getting sick.

Only the first puppy, now named Dennis, managed to recover from this virus. The staff were heartbroken, but they had to focus on helping this puppy now.

He was taken back to the shelter where the workers had decided to take care of him until he was grown enough to find a forever home.

While we don’t know what happens next, we have to assume that it’s still a bit early for Dennis to look for a home, and he is likely still in the care of his wonderful rescuers.