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Rescuers Were Shocked To Found A Dog Tied To A Pole With His Head In A Trash Bag

Rescuers Were Shocked To Found A Dog Tied To A Pole With His Head In A Trash Bag

Unfortunately, there are a lot of instances around the world where dogs are being completely mistreated. Luckily, there are also a lot of kind rescuers who are ready to do anything they can to help such animals.

That is why when Sabine, a rescuer from Little Steps Matter, and her colleague spotted an extremely malnourished dog tied to a pole with her head in a trash bag trying to find some food, their hearts completely broke.

As they approached the pup, who wasn’t scared of them at all, they couldn’t hold back their tears as they were untying the rope and setting her free.

But, by picking her up and carrying her to a place that would finally take care of her, the two rescuers found comfort in the fact that this pup would never be treated this badly again.

Finally Safe

dog tied to a pole
Source: The Dodo

The pup, now named Lisa, was in pretty bad shape, and the rescuers knew that she couldn’t have gotten this bad in a couple of days… she was neglected for a very long time.

“It was so cruel that somebody left her behind like this. They tied her up so she couldn’t run after them when they dumped her,” Sabine told The Dodo.

The rescuers immediately rushed Lisa to the vet clinic, where she was given a nose-to-tail checkup.

rescued dog being examined
Source: The Dodo

The vets determined that she was severely dehydrated, had mange, and even early stages of cancer.

The was put on an IV and kept at the vet clinic for around-the-clock observation.

dog getting an IV
Source: The Dodo

Recovery Time

After only two days at the clinic, Lisa’s health was starting to improve.

“She had a bit more energy and was greeting us happily, wagging her tail. After five days Lisa was allowed to leave the clinic and came home to our safehouse,” she added.

Arriving at her new home, Lisa was a bit overwhelmed at first. Everybody treated her with so much love and care, and since she wasn’t used to it, she didn’t really know what to do with herself.

woman holding and kissing the dog
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, it didn’t take her too long to figure out that this way of life was actually the proper one. Lisa’s mood started to improve with every passing day, showing everybody just how happy she was with the glow in her eyes.  

After spending just ten days in the shelter, this beautiful little pup completely came out of her shell. She gained a lot of weight, and her beautiful fur started to grow back.

Four weeks later, Lisa was cancer-free!

close-up photo of rescued dog
Source: The Dodo

She was finally strong enough to play and hang out with other dogs.

“It was a bit overwhelming for her at first, but our pack is always very gentle with newcomers, and she was settling in with all so well. Lisa totally started to blossom and became a playful teenager with a gentle and loving nature,” said Sabine.

New Life

Looking and feeling like a brand-new dog, Lisa’s life completely changed.

She is now an energetic dog who loves hanging out with hoomans, having fun, and running around, especially on the beach.

happy dog sticking its tongue
Source: The Dodo

She is also looking for a forever home!

Lisa is a small mixed breed who is approximately one year old. She is a little bit shy at first, but will open up as soon as she understands that she isn’t in danger.

“Lisa is a miracle dog, and she deserves the very best,” concluded Sabine.

If you, or somebody you know, are interested in adopting this sweet pup, please contact Little Steps Matter for more information.