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Rescuers Were Absolutely Shocked To Find A Tiny Dog Abandoned In A Trash Bin

Rescuers Were Absolutely Shocked To Find A Tiny Dog Abandoned In A Trash Bin

It comes as no surprise to anyone that being a dog rescuer is a really difficult job at times. On one hand, you see the worst of humanity in it.

And, on the other, you can see the best. Those two sides are often conflicted, and it’s hard not to think negatively about these things when you see it so much.

However, it’s not so black and white. We all have to collectively work more on ourselves and help everyone realize that these problems exist and they have a solution.

Every dog can have a home, and when you think about it, sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call to the right person.

In this story, we will talk about a puppy who was abandoned in a trash bin and left to starve, but his rescuers were there to save him.

Puppy Was Thrown In Trash

puppy sniffing around
Source: Youtube

When Kimchik was first found, it was thanks to one brave rescuer making a phone call to a friend of hers who was an animal rescuer.

A rescuer came in no time to find that somebody had actually left this puppy in the trash, and she realized that he was trying to find food inside.

It was a heartbreaking sight. I just don’t understand people who would do something so cruel to a defenseless animal. He didn’t do anything to deserve this.

Upon taking him, she realized that the puppy couldn’t have been more than a day old and was not going to survive for long unless she helped him.

woman kissed tiny puppy
Source: Youtube

After saving him, his rescuer did her best to give him everything he needed. Kimchik needs constant attention in order to survive.

After about 10 days, things were already different, and he was beginning to be a lot more lively. His tail was wagging constantly, and he even met other residents in the house.

He didn’t seem scared of anyone, and it was apparent through his behavior that he just liked to be around people and dogs all the time.

A Road To A New Life

tiny cute puppy
Source: Youtube

Some more time had passed and Kimchik was taken to a clinic for a checkup, where he also received his vaccinations.

He was then given a nice and warm bath. While he was a bit scared of water at first, he relaxed completely later on and just loved taking a long nap afterward.

Kimchik was becoming a big boy, so his foster mom decided to buy him some toys and he would play with them all the time.

They would also go shopping together and it was an amazing experience for both of them, but especially for Kimchik.

puppy prepared for walk
Source: Youtube

He loved exploring his surroundings and going on walks. With each passing day in his new life, he became more outgoing and cheerful.

This was amazing as it meant that he was now ready to be placed on an adoption list so he could find his forever home.

It should come as no surprise that this sweet puppy didn’t have to wait long to meet his new parents, who were also happy to see him.

He now also has a dog sibling with whom he can play all the time and go on adventures. Kimchik is so happy to be in his forever home.