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Rescuers Were Shocked To See This Dog Had A Huge Belly So They Rushed Him To A Clinic

Rescuers Were Shocked To See This Dog Had A Huge Belly So They Rushed Him To A Clinic

When the kind-hearted people heard about a dog with an unusually big belly who was roaming around a town, they arrived at the location to investigate.

The dog seemed to be very friendly, and he easily struck up friendships with the other dogs he met. Thinking that he was a female dog, the locals assumed that he was pregnant and they often fed him.

None of them seemed to know the dog’s backstory. All that they knew was that the dog didn’t have an owner and that he spent his days wandering around.

However, the canine was hiding a secret that was about to be revealed.

Trying To Find Out The Dog’s Secret

dog with a huge belly
Source: Kritter Klub

The good people who came to investigate the dog’s backstory met a woman who fed the dog every day. They learned that the pup’s name was Bangwool.

The compassionate woman told them that she and her husband met Bangwool two years ago. He made friends with the couple’s own dog named Ming-gu.

At that time, Bangwool was healthy, and his belly wasn’t swollen.

Although the pup appreciated the kind woman’s help and the food she gave him, he seemed sad and distant. Every time he would finish his food, he would leave in a hurry.

dog eating from a bowl
Source: Kritter Klub

Nobody knew where the canine was going.

Bangwool didn’t open his heart to the other locals. He was reserved toward them.

Determined to find out his secret, the curious people followed the dog as he roamed around the area.

The pup seemed to know where he was going. 

Bangwool’s Backstory

dog in the distance
Source: Kritter Klub

After some time, Bangwool entered an unoccupied house.

The people who followed the doggo learned that Bangwool used to live in that house with his owner, who passed away.

They could imagine how sad and lonely Bangwool felt after he lost his human, whom he loved very much.

According to his neighbors, the pup visited his former home every single day, hoping that he would find his beloved owner waiting for him.

After the good humans found out the dog’s story, they called the rescuers and asked for their help to capture Bangwool.

The woman who took care of the pup helped the team rescue Bangwool. She managed to lure him into a rescue frame that the rescuers set up.

photo of dog in a kennel
Source: Kritter Klub

Bangwool felt confused when he found himself inside the crate. 

He still couldn’t imagine that his life would change.

Some of the locals couldn’t hold back tears after seeing that Bangwool was finally rescued. They hoped he would get the necessary help and find his happiness.

The sweet pup said goodbye to his caregiver.

The Pup Receives The Happiest News

dog lying
Source: Kritter Klub

His rescuers took him to the vet, where he was given a thorough medical checkup.

Having performed the necessary tests, the vet came to the conclusion that Bangwool didn’t have a tumor.

The pooch was diagnosed with an inherited heart disease, and he was also infected with heartworm. Since his blood couldn’t be pumped to his heart, it went to his abdomen, where it built up.

The vet team removed the fluid buildup from his stomach, and Bangwool started feeling better. He smiled from ear to ear.

close-up photo of the dog
Source: Kritter Klub

The vet prescribed the doggo heart medicine that he would need to take.

Bangwool stayed at the clinic for a week.

His belly was no longer swollen, and he was ready to be discharged.

The couple who took care of the pooch came to pick him up. They were amazed after they saw Bangwool. He seemed like a totally different dog.

His face was beaming, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

The giant-hearted couple was convinced that the dog was meant to come into their lives. They decided to give Bangwool a loving home.

man walking the dog on a leash
Source: Kritter Klub

While his new parents cuddled Bangwool, he soaked up all their love. His beautiful eyes no longer looked sad. They twinkled with happiness.

Bangwool turned to his future, and he looked forward to starting a new life with his forever family.