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Rescuers Had To Save A Puppy Who Got Stuck While His Mama Kept On Barking At Them

Rescuers Had To Save A Puppy Who Got Stuck While His Mama Kept On Barking At Them

When Donna Lochmann, chief life-saving officer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri, and her rescue partner, Randy, heard about a little family in need of their help, they wasted no time and immediately made their way to the rescue site.

A very protective mama dog greeted them with loud barks, warning them to stay away, but the rescue team was very determined.

Rescue Mission

The duo thought it would be best to give the mama some food in order to calm her down a bit and gain her trust.

Even though this plan did get the mama distracted, so that the rescuers could approach her babies, it did not help them gain her trust whatsoever.

She just kept on barking at them.

The duo then thought that the best plan of action would be if Randy kept feeding and talking to the mama, distracting her while Donna went in to save her puppies.

This plan worked like a charm.

Pup In Danger

As Donna was transferring the pups one by one to a safer area, she noticed something that broke her heart.

Beneath the leaves, one pup was stuck inside a fence, crying for help and unable to move.

Donna tried her best to get him out without hurting him and, after some maneuvering, she managed to get him out without a scratch.

During this entire mini-rescue mission, the mama kept barking at the St. Louis rescuers in the background, constantly reminding them that she would not comply at all.

This convinced them that they would have to think of a better plan in order to capture this mama dog.

Second Try

Both Donna and Randy agreed that the most efficient way to capture this doggo would be by setting up a trap.

And, so they did! All they had to do now was wait.

At first, the mama dog was a bit hesitant about the trap, but eventually, she lowered her guard and stepped into the cage, triggering the mechanism and trapping her in.

When Donna and Randy came to see if their plan worked, they were very surprised when they found the once nervous mama now completely relaxed and compliant.

They rejoined the little family and were finally ready to transport them somewhere safe.

New Life

The mama and her babies were set up in a relaxing apartment, along with food, water, and warmth.

They no longer have to fight to survive, as they will be very well taken care of until the puppies are old enough to be adopted.

I am sure that this little family will find a loving home in no time, making their lives even sweeter, as they will have hoomans who will love and cherish them just like they desire.

Good luck, guys!