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Rescuer Saves A Dog Who Was Living Next To A Rail Road Seconds Before The Train Arrives

Rescuer Saves A Dog Who Was Living Next To A Rail Road Seconds Before The Train Arrives

As soon as a rescuer from Philadelphia, Nina Love, received a message notifying her about a dog that was carelessly dumped in a park, which is located close to railroad tracks, she knew that she had no time to waste.

She quickly grabbed everything she needed, along with a friend and fellow rescuer who was close by.

Rescue Mission

As soon as they arrived at the location, they managed to spot the dog right away, but this did not mean that catching her would be an easy task.

“I followed her for 3 miles down the train tracks, my adrenaline was rushing. I knew the train was coming soon because it passed right before she ran onto them, and trains run every 10 to 15 minutes,” stated Nina.

Nina was aware that she was putting her own life on the line, but she didn’t mind. As soon as she looked into the dog’s eyes, she knew it would be worth it.

I was shaking with fear, but I wanted to save her because I looked into her eyes, and she was crying out for help. She was just scared, so I kept my distance and was patient.

Luckily, Nina’s friend had the brilliant idea of bringing her own dog, Teddy. When the abandoned dog saw Teddy with the hoomans, he felt a sense of comfort, and knew that she, too, could trust them.

We got low, and my friend talked to her while Teddy walked up. She was hesitant, but my friend held her until I walked up and was able to leash her. 

As the rescue team was still on the tracks, they heard a train approaching. They gently grabbed the anxious pup and swiftly made their way to safety.

Seconds after [we captured the dog], the train came, and our adrenaline was so high we didn’t even hear the horn.

Nina even captured the whole rescue, letting us in on a bit of that adrenaline rush.

Earlier Rescues

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first difficult rescue Nina was faced with.

Throughout her career as a rescuer helping dogs across Philadelphia and beyond, Nina has saved many animals from very poor living conditions.

She is also an activist, responding to calls and posting about the harsh realities that strays live through every day.

I want to let people know that it’s OK to love animals. We all reside here on Earth and should learn to co-exist together.

Even though the response to Nina’s activism isn’t always positive, she does not let that get in the way of her being a hero.

I’ve faced many challenges due to me being an African American and have [experienced] racial threats because I’m in this field. But I remain strong for them because they need us.

Final Word

Nina is still trying to find a foster home for the sweet little pup she saved from the train tracks.

She believes that a loving home will help this dog restore faith in humanity and show her that the world will always have good people around.

Good luck!