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Rescuers Saved A Pregnant Dog Only To Learn That The Dad Was Also In The Shelter

Rescuers Saved A Pregnant Dog Only To Learn That The Dad Was Also In The Shelter

When a pup named Pita first arrived at a shelter in Los Angeles, the staff wasn’t really prepared to take care of her because of the state she was in.

The shelter was incredibly overcrowded and Pita was a very, very pregnant doggo who was about to give birth at any second.

Since Pita needed to be kept under observation at all times, as well as have her own space, the Los Angeles rescue needed some help, fast!

They reached out to MaeDay Rescue – a non-profit dog rescue based in Los Angeles, for some help, and luckily, they immediately agreed to take her in.

Very Pregnant Pup

cute dog with red necklace
Source: MaeDay Rescue

As soon as Natalie Garcia, founder of MaeDay Rescue, saw how big of a belly Pita had, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“She looked like she had swallowed a watermelon. It was insane. She could hardly walk. She was so uncomfortable,” Garcia told The Dodo.

Pita’s belly really was huge!

Pregnant brown dog
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Garcia decided to take this pregnant mama to the vet in order for her to have an ultrasound done.

After her ultrasound, everybody was so shocked when they realized just how many puppies this tiny dog had in her belly.

x-ray of dog
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Since she was about to give birth at any moment, it was very important that she was placed in foster care as soon as possible.

Luckily, MaeDay Rescue was able to provide this soon-to-be mama with a loving foster home that would ensure that her birth was as comfortable as possible.

Pregnant dog laying on a dogs bed
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Pita was very anxious throughout the entire process and her pregnancy exhausted her. However, she did feel safe at her foster home and all she had to do now was wait.

The Babies Are Coming

A few days after leaving Pita with her foster family, Garcia received a phone call from Pita’s foster mom who was in obvious panic.

“I was actually at dinner. The foster calls me like, ‘I think it’s happening. She’s digging. She’s licking herself.’ I literally just left in the middle of dinner,” she said.

Garcia and the foster mom were by Pita’s side that entire night, helping as much as they could.

By the morning, Pita was a mom to five healthy and adorable puppies: Baguette, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Loaf, and Rye.

Cute five newborn puppies
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Garcia and the foster mom were overjoyed at the sight of this beautiful litter. However, Garcia noticed something very interesting with their fur.

Meet The Dad

Garcia realized that the puppies were black and yellow: black from their mom, Pita, and yellow from their dad, who turned out to be Bagel – a dog who was still at the shelter!

Pita and Bagel had arrived at the shelter at the same time, and since they spent a lot of time together, everybody assumed that he was the father of Pita’s babies.

Cute dog on a leash
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Unfortunately, Bagel didn’t leave with Pita when she was pulled from the shelter because of her pregnancy. However, he was also taken in by MaeDay Rescue so that the two could be together again.

“I was like, ‘Well, we should just get the whole family, you know. We were making so many jokes about him not helping, like where is he? He hasn’t even sent a card to say congrats on the babies,” said Garcia.

In no time, Bagel was also able to find himself a foster home, and even though he was scared of hoomans at first, just like Pita, he was also able to warm up to them after some time.

mother dog laying down with puppies
Source: MaeDay Rescue

Since then, both of these incredible parents were put into wonderful and loving forever homes. I am sure that their babies will follow in their pawsteps as soon as they are ready themselves.