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Rescuers Saved A Stray Dog From The Streets Only To Learn She Had A Secret

Rescuers Saved A Stray Dog From The Streets Only To Learn She Had A Secret

Being a dog rescuer isn’t always glamorous, but it undeniably offers the most satisfying feeling ever! 

That moment of certainty, when you realize that you have just saved the life of one tiny creature, is truly incomparable.

The good people of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California, with their founder, Suzette Hall, witnessed one such case the other day. Upon receiving a call about a dog in need, Hall and the team immediately rushed to the spot to help the poor animal. 

But, just when it seemed that this was going to be a regular rescue, an amazing thing happened!

Struggling To Find Home For Months

stray female dog
Source: Suzette Hall

This sweet Shepherd girl lived on the street until she finally settled in a local shop. There, she spent around eight months until the kind people decided to extend her a friendly hand.

“This sweet girl had lived in a shop for at least 8 months,” Hall wrote on Facebook.

Despite her lack of socialization and the fact that she didn’t have a home before, she behaved quite gently. She warmly greeted her rescuers with a tail-wag, as if she knew that they were there to help.

tired female dog
Source: Suzette Hall

But, when Hall and the team tried to offer her some food and lure her into a humane trap they set – the dog refused.

She instinctively ran away but remained close enough to the shop. For some reason, she didn’t want to leave that place, which made the rescuers wonder.

Then, they uncovered her big secret!

The Sweetest Momma

puppies sleeping
Source: Suzette Hall

Right in a hole next to the shop, there were this momma’s beautiful babies. They were helplessly lying there, snuggled next to each other.

“When we went to rescue her we had know idea she had just had babies. She was so scared, the workers showed us where her tiny babies were. In a hole,” Hall wrote.

As it turned out, the dog that was about to be rescued was a new mom! And, she definitely didn’t want to leave her babies.

“She didn’t care about the food. She was a mama and just wanted her babies,” Suzette added.

dog in a kennel
Source: Suzette Hall

The California rescuers couldn’t hide their excitement once they realized how caring this mama dog was.

They carefully scooped up the puppies, one by one, and placed them in a kennel. Then, their momma joined!

Once she was completely confident that her puppies were safe and sound, she warmed up to her new hoomans and relaxed.

Hall and the team were extremely grateful for having the opportunity to save this incredible furry family together. The puppies were still in their early stage of life, and they definitely needed their momma.

But, from now on, their life will be so much easier!

They won’t need to worry about food and shelter anymore. They are placed in a beautiful nursery, where they will be able to exhibit their true selves. 

Once they are ready, there’s no doubt that these four-legged furballs will find a loving home next to the right people. Until then, they’re just happy to be together!