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Rescuers Saved A Dog Whose Head Was Stuck In A Jug For 9 Days Before They Managed To Get It Off

Rescuers Saved A Dog Whose Head Was Stuck In A Jug For 9 Days Before They Managed To Get It Off

Dogs are creatures that are very attached to people. It is not only about love, attention, and caressing, but also about some basic needs that they are used to being provided by their human parents, just like babies.

When a dog is suddenly separated from its owner, it can get into all kinds of trouble because it is simply not used to living and managing on its own.

These troubles can sometimes be bizarre, like when a dog eats something that makes his behavior strange, his hair grows so much that he looks like a sheep, or even his head gets stuck in a jug.

Rescue From The Jug Worth A Life

One summer day, Stacy DeSantis, from the Thelma and Louise Dog Rescue, got a call about a dog who was wandering around with a jug stuck on his head. 

This American Staffordshire Terrier was seen somewhere around Jennings, in Florida, so she and her colleague, Maria, didn’t wait a minute to jump into action. 

They set several traps in the area where the dog was seen in recent days, and they were helped by some of the residents of that settlement. Despite everything, it took them three full days to finally locate and reach him.

One morning, they got a call from a man who said he was inside his dog’s house. Maria and Stacy, along with Stacy’s husband, Nick DeSantis, got to that place and immediately surrounded it. 

They managed to get him out with the help of a leash and Nick snipped the jug off using the special scissors he brought. 

Believe it or not, this poor dog’s head was stuck in this plastic jug for almost 9 days. He was starving all that time. If they hadn’t intervened then, he probably would have died quickly. Despite everything, this brave boy was relatively calm and ready to be helped.

However, it was clear that he was very scared, and Maria and Stacy immediately hugged him with tears of joy in their eyes that they just couldn’t control.

“You’ve got a new life now,” said Maria, while she was petting his head. 

A Bit Frisky, But Radiates Love And Joy

The easiest part about Jughead, as they named him, was just him being ready to be helped. It was a cat’s cough for him to go to the vet. 

He was heartworm-positive, so he had to receive his vaccinations and go through the complete heartworm treatment. 

Maria was the first to take care of Jughead. While she was in the house, there weren’t any problems. However, as soon as she went to work, Jug made a mess out of nervousness. 

Although Maria got very angry the first time, she quickly softened when they realized that Jug actually had separation anxiety.

They found out that Jug had an owner who ended up in a nursing home, so poor Jug was left on his own.

After knowing that, they agreed that it would be better for Jug to go to Stacy’s, where there were more rescued dogs. It was a very good decision since Jughead fit in quickly. He also had a group of canine friends with whom he could channel his immense energy.

In addition to loving company, he loved to eat well, and was literally obsessed with food.

The scene where he tries to get food from a box actually explains how his head originally ended up in a jug. 

However, despite all his mischief, this dog really was a pure joy on four legs. But, he was still missing his new, forever home, where he could channel that joy and cheerfulness. 

He Was Destined To Stay

After two months, it was time for Jug to settle down again. Even though Stacy posted an ad on social media about Jughead being up for adoption, something stirred inside her. 

She didn’t have the strength to say “goodbye” to this dog who brought tears of joy to her face when she rescued him in Jennings two months ago.

After talking it over with her husband, Nick, she finally made the decision that would bring long-term joy to this house. Jug, affectionately called Juggie Wuggie, became a new, full-fledged member of their family.

Maybe he hadn’t learned his lesson from the past since he was still sticking his head in everything, especially to get food, but now he had someone by his side to take it off and put a smile on his face.

After all he had been through, it was the happiest ending for him and for his new family as well.