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Rescuers Finally Saved A Frightened Stray Dog After 7 Failed Attempts

Rescuers Finally Saved A Frightened Stray Dog After 7 Failed Attempts

It’s a commonly known fact that a lot of stray dogs are really fearful of humans because of abuse or lack of any previous contact.

This, in turn, causes many problems where some of them try to do anything they can to avoid us, but end up in more trouble themselves if they live near busy roads.

In this story, we will talk about a frightened dog who avoided his rescuers for a long time because he was so afraid of them.

A Really Difficult Rescue

dog on a parking
Source: Hope for Paws

During one of their rescue missions, Hope For Paws tried to rescue a really frightened dog who was residing somewhere near the Los Angeles International Airport.

The rescuers did manage to find her pretty quickly, but also found out just how scared she was of them, and ran away immediately.

This led to several failed attempts where they would try and lure her with food, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t succeed.

dog on road
Source: Hope for Paws

One time, they tried a humane trap on her, but she saw right through it. In another case, they brought one of their rescue dogs in hopes that she could soften up this scared pup.

However, regardless of what they tried, everything was completely futile. Nothing worked.

After many tries, a man informed them about where this dog was staying at night in hopes that such information would come useful.

And, it was. They headed to the location where she was sleeping and blocked off any possible escape route.

A Very Successful Rescue

scared white dog
Source: Hope for Paws

All that was left was to wait. After she finally arrived, she noticed that there were humans near her place and went to hide in the nearby branches and bushes.

One of the rescuers caught her with no way to escape and placed a small leash around her neck.

He tried to calm her down and get her to go with him, but she resisted him very much. The poor dog was just so afraid of humans that she didn’t want anything to do with them.

After a little bit, she managed to relax, and her rescuers showed her that she was safe with them.

three dogs and woman
Source: Hope for Paws

The dog, now named Bellanca, was taken to a shelter in California where they could treat her and give her a nice bath.

After her treatment, it was like she was a completely different dog. She was running directly to her rescuers and hugging them.

Just a short time after, she was already playing in the yard with other dogs, with her personality fully on display and showing just how happy she is now.

While she wasn’t rescued that long ago, I have no doubt that the amazing people at Hope For Paws will find a wonderful home for this sweet dog where she will get the love she deserves.