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Rescuers Moved To Tears As They Discover A Blind Pup Who Was Caged Up For Years Crying Out For Help

Rescuers Moved To Tears As They Discover A Blind Pup Who Was Caged Up For Years Crying Out For Help

Mika was a very depressed pup who spent 10 years of her life locked in a cramped, dirty, dark cage where she was kept as a breeder dog who was forced to give birth to many puppies without enough time to recover.

One of her biggest dreams was to get out of that cage and be a free dog with a family who actually cared for her.

Luckily, a team of incredible rescuers heard her cries and were able to take her out of that very unfortunate situation, finally providing her with the love and care she deserved all along.

Finally Safe

blind dog in cage
Source: Youtube

When the rescuers finally had Mika with them, they were heartbroken to see the state she was in.  

She was completely covered in her own urine and feces, was extremely malnourished, and even had a very big and concerning wound on her cheek.   

When she arrived at the clinic, the entire staff was shocked at the fact that somebody could neglect a dog to this extent.

blind dog in bad condition
Source: Youtube

In order to take care of her wound, the vet staff first had to shave off the severely matted and dirty fur that was hiding the true beauty of this pup.

After a whole hour of shaving, Mika was finally free.

However, as they were shaving her, they noticed that something was off. After some tests, they found out that Mika was completely blind, a diabetic, and had adenocarcinoma.

They also found out that her intestines were clogged and the wound she had on her cheek was infected.

blind dog wearing shirt
Source: Youtube

Mika remained at the vet so that she could be kept under constant observation.

Long Road Ahead

When the staff returned in the morning to check up on this mama, they noticed that the entire area she was in was covered in urine since she was not able to control her bladder.

They immediately put her on daily insulin injections.

After getting her all cleaned up, one of the staffers took her outside to get some fresh air and help her forget the pain.

Mika walked around the field, sniffing the beautiful flowers and feeling the soft grass underneath her paws.

The next step in her recovery journey will be cosmetic surgery, where her facial skin will be reconstructed.

blind dog with pink hat
Source: Youtube

Luckily, she was taken in by a loving foster family who made sure her recovery journey was as smooth as possible.

As soon as she came to her new family and felt the incredible energy of her hoomans, Mika’s appetite opened up, and she cleaned up every bowl of food she was given.

Also, the medication that the doctors gave her in order to return her eyesight started to work. Mika will be able to see again!

blind dog with hat
Source: Youtube

In no time, her eyesight improved, and her vision was restored 30%. She also got the most incredible news ever – Mika was adopted!

New Life

Mika is finally able to forget about her past and embrace her bright future.

She became a part of a family who absolutely adored her and everything she did. She was no longer confined to a small space but could run freely, play, and spend her time as she pleased.

After some time, Mika completely transformed! The time she spent with her new family and her doggo siblings reminded her that life is beautiful, so her once thin body was now nice and healthy, covered in the most beautiful fur, ever.

blind dog with scarf
Source: Youtube

Unfortunately, after two years of living the best life ever, Mika passed away due to diabetes and adenocarcinoma.

Every hooman who was a part of her journey was completely heartbroken. However, the fact that they made Mika’s last years very enjoyable made them realize just how important their job is.

Taking in a pup who was living in harsh conditions and providing them with true love and happiness is one of the best feelings ever. That is why countless hoomans do this every day.

So, if you have never rescued an animal in need, let Mika’s story encourage you to do so – trust me, you will not regret it.