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Rescuers That Rushed To Save Motionless Dog In Ditch Discovered That Things Weren’t As They Seemed

Rescuers That Rushed To Save Motionless Dog In Ditch Discovered That Things Weren’t As They Seemed

Any animal lover out there will tell you that as soon as they see an animal in need of any assistance whatsoever, they will do anything in their power to help them.

This is especially true for shelters and rescues.

The staff at Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue receives many calls about animals who have gotten themselves in some sort of sticky situation. Whenever they receive such a call, they pack their bags and are on their way.

And, it was no different when they received numerous calls about a pup lying in a muddy ditch face down.

However, they would soon discover that everything was not as it seemed.

Urgent Call

As soon as they received the first call, the team of experienced rescuers made their way to the scene.

In 20 minutes, they arrived at the location, and when they finally spotted the dog, they realized that something was off.

They went in to have a closer look and found out that their assistance wasn’t actually needed since this wasn’t a dog at all.

“It was a statue! A statue that had already been rescued by an onsite member of staff!” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post about the event.

Nevertheless, the rescue team did not mind rescuing a fake dog.

In fact, according to the Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue representative, they were very happy to have received so many calls about the situation and that, in the end, it wasn’t an emergency at all – just a little happy accident.

“It’s always a relief when there isn’t an injured animal to tend to,” the representative told The Dodo.

Importance Of Rescuers

This “fake” rescue serves as proof of just how dedicated rescuers can be when it comes to animals in need.

All around the world, thousands of hoomans dedicate their time, effort, and money in order to show a helpless animal that, with a little bit of love and care, life is worth living.

And, just like the rescuers of today’s story, they are willing to do anything to do so.

That is why I would love to take this opportunity and thank every single hooman out there who gave a helping hand and showed an animal that they are made to live by each other’s side.Thank you, guys you are the true heroes.