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Rescuers Rush To Save Dog Stuck In Mud For Hours, Then Discover Her Big Secret

Rescuers Rush To Save Dog Stuck In Mud For Hours, Then Discover Her Big Secret

When a woman went outside her house in Fort Worth, Texas, she couldn’t have imagined that she was about to make an astonishing discovery.

After she heard mysterious squealing sounds, she followed them to find out where they were coming from. A couple of moments later, she was surprised to see a white, emaciated dog curled up in a muddy space by her house. 

The pup had a sad and dejected look on her face. Once the resident looked at her feet, she realized that the dog was not alone.

Saving The Sweet Family

The woman was heartbroken after she saw a litter of tiny, squealing puppies huddled around their mom’s paws. The babies were cold and covered in mud, and they needed urgent help and care in order to survive.

After the woman reached out for help, Erica, from Saving Hope Rescue, rushed to save the doggy family.

The moment the mama dog saw Erica, her eyes filled with hope and gratitude. She knew that she and her babies weren’t alone anymore. 

Erica drove them to the hospital for a medical checkup. As soon as they were given a clean bill of health, Saving Hope Rescue took them under their care.

The staff was saddened that the mama dog had given birth while being in a mud pit. They could only imagine how worried she must have been for her babies because she didn’t have anybody to rely on. 

The staffers didn’t know how much time the doggo had spent wandering the streets. They were happy that they could be there for her when she and her babies needed them the most.

Mama Dog And Her Babies Are Happy To Be Safe

“Mom is extremely sweet and grateful to be saved,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on their Facebook. She was named Evelyn.

The mama and her puppies needed an emergency foster home. Cassie Evans stepped in and welcomed them to her home.

She and her family gave them a bath and they showered them with love and care.

Evelyn had a wide smile on her face and her ears perked up. She was glad that she could focus on nursing her babies in a warm home filled with love. Her adorable puppies felt blissful, enjoying their mom’s sweet snuggles.

The caring mama dog thrived in her foster home, along with her babies. Evelyn, along with her puppies, gained weight and they became energetic. 

The mama dog nursed her puppies for 6 weeks. When the pups gained enough strength, Evelyn kissed them goodbye and they went to another foster home.

A Happy Ending

It didn’t take long for her pups to find wonderful forever homes and they were happy to move in with their families. They were ready to go on new adventures and enjoy life.

Sweet Evelyn went to another foster home. The delightful doggo soaked up the love her foster mom, Stephanie, gave her. She loved people and she was very protective of children.

“She absolutely adores children and keeps a watchful eye on them to make sure they are safe. She is now completely healthy and has a newfound energy,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

As much as she loved her foster family, Evelyn longed to find a forever home. She patiently waited for months and hoped that someone would choose her and make her biggest dream come true. 

In November of 2023, Saving Hope Rescue shared that Evelyn found her happily ever after.

A Dallas resident, Amy Jones, fell in love with sweet Evelyn and she gave her a forever home. Evelyn changed her name to Kaia and she instantly bonded with her family.

Kaia is happier than ever and she loves her humans deeply. The wonderful pup likes carrying her family’s shoes around the house and playing with her stuffed toys.

Kaia is a real snuggle bug and she loves cuddling with her family. 

We are thrilled that Kaia has a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in and a loving family who adores her and kisses her goodnight. From now on, she will be boundlessly loved and taken care of.