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Rescuers Open A Dumpster Lid And Discover The Most Adorable Eyes Looking Back At Them

Rescuers Open A Dumpster Lid And Discover The Most Adorable Eyes Looking Back At Them

It’s absolutely heart-wrenching to be reminded once again of how cruel some dog owners can be toward their delightful pups. Instead of giving them all their love and affection, they dump them without feeling even a little bit of remorse.

Today’s story is about Malea, a sweet dog who was dumped, too. She was betrayed by a person who left her in a hot dumpster and closed the lid without caring what happened to her afterward.

The lovely canine was waiting for good humans to save her and give her the love that she needed very much.

Rescuers Rush To Save The Sweet Pittie

A kind man witnessed the terrible scene in a Missouri neighborhood and called Stray Rescue of St. Louis, asking for help.

The rescue team, along with Donna Lochmann, the chief life-saving officer, immediately rushed to help the pup.

As soon as they came to the scene, they quickly opened the dumpster lid and saw the sweetest pair of eyes looking at them.

The delightful canine started wagging her tail with a smile on her face. She was happy that someone came for her. Someone cared.

The rescuers were relieved that the dog was alright. They tried to hold back the tears, deeply saddened by the fact that a person was capable of being so cruel toward an innocent pup.

“We tried to hold back tears, but this really choked us up. It was so hot inside; we’re thankful she didn’t pass out,” Stray Rescue Louis wrote on their Facebook.

They were afraid to imagine what would have happened if the dog had stayed in the hot dumpster much longer.

Malea Gets Showered With Love During Her Freedom Ride

Lochmann hopped into the dumpster, and stroked the Pittie, later named Malea. After putting a leash around her neck, she lifted Malea out of the dumpster.

The rescuers took the beautiful canine to the car and they headed to the shelter in St. Louis. 

Malea was very grateful to her heroes, and she kept giving them kisses and licking their faces. Lochmann cuddled her and reassured her that her life mattered.

“You’re a beautiful girl. You do not belong in the dumpster. You are not trash. You are NOT trash. No. You’re a beautiful girl. Your life matters. Yes, it does.”

Malea leaned on her rescuer’s shoulder. She felt safe.

While they were on their way to the shelter, the rescuers received another urgent call. Two puppies needed their help, too. They were dumped in a parking lot downtown.

The rescuers headed to the address right away and picked up the two lovely puppies who were overjoyed to see them. After rescuing them, they headed to the shelter.

Searching For A Loving Home

Since the shelter was full at the time, the puppies went to foster care, and Malea was placed in the shelter’s Rovernight program. This program is used for people who want to have a dog in their home for a few days.

“She’s in a loving home being spoiled! She gets along great with other dogs and is gentle with little kids, too,” Natalie Thomson, the rescue’s Director of Marketing.

All three pups are showered with love and affection. They’re now looking for their forever home. 

We’re absolutely sure that they will find the loving home that they dream of having. They deserve to be treated as treasure because that’s what these pups are.

Malea’s story reminds us once again of how important it is to take action whenever we see an animal in need of help. One call to a rescue or a local shelter can save a precious life. 

We’re extremely grateful to the Good Samaritan who contacted the rescue after he saw Malea being put in a dumpster. Thanks to him, Malea was saved in time.