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Rescuers Nourished A Sick Puppy To Health Only To Learn The True Color Of His Fur

Rescuers Nourished A Sick Puppy To Health Only To Learn The True Color Of His Fur

When Niall Harbison, a dog rescuer, saw a hairless little puppy for the first time, his heart sank. The pup was in such a bad state that Niall didn’t think he could make it.

His friend, Jules, found the puppy, who was later named Rodney, on the streets and brought him to Niall. Rodney looked very weak and he couldn’t even stand on his paws. His whole body was covered in mange.

Niall couldn’t sleep during the first few nights because he was very worried about the little pup. He kept checking on him, hoping that he was still alive.

Rodney’s Rescuer Doesn’t Let Him Give Up

sick and stray puppy
Source: The Dodo

After the pup made it through the first night and started eating, Niall felt a bit relieved. He talked to Rodney every day and encouraged him not to give up.

While he was lying curled up in his blanket without being able to stand up, Rodney was listening to his hero. His loving care and his reassuring words gave him strength to continue fighting for his life. 

After a couple of days passed, Niall could breathe a sigh of relief because Rodney was able to stand on his own. The resilient puppy proved to be a real fighter. 

Two weeks later, Niall took sweet Rodney to meet the other dogs. They sniffed Rodney and welcomed him with their wagging tails.

sick dog walking
Source: The Dodo

Rodney was glad to be accepted, and he happily began exploring his surroundings. Everything was new to him. 

He was very inquisitive, he was just sort of taking it in ‘cause it was a big huge world out there for him,” Niall said.

Niall enjoyed getting to know Rodney’s personality. He was such an adorable pup who had so much love to give. He covered his foster dad with kisses.

The Puppy’s Fur Keeps Surprising Niall

recovered dog
Source: The Dodo

When Rodney’s fur began growing, Niall couldn’t stop checking its color every day. Just when he was convinced that the puppy’s fur would be golden brown, he noticed Rodney’s white fur coming in.

“One thing that really surprised me was his fur. Even on his little cheeks. He kept changing color all the time,” Niall said.

The delightful pup’s color ended up being silver-gray mixed with brown.

Thanks to Niall’s immense love and care, the puppy transformed into a delightful canine who is ready to enjoy life.

Rodney Lives The Happiest Life

After Rodney spent three months with Niall, he found him a great family who fell in love with him at first sight. The delightful pup was thrilled to meet them. 

Before he left with his parents, Niall kissed Rodney goodbye, wishing him all the happiness of this world.

He was amazed by Rodney’s case and he felt overjoyed after seeing that the puppy had the best life.

“Seeing cases like Rodney just really blow my mind. It makes everything I do worth it. I mean, he goes from a little, tiny scrap of a dog, barely clinging onto life to the center of a family that are just in love with him and adore him and he has a wonderful life,” said Niall.

Rodney’s family, along with his doggy brother, love him immensely. 

Rodney often posts updates about his everyday activities and adventures on the Instagram account he shares with his brother. The two siblings enjoy playing in the yard and going hiking.  They are having the time of their lives.