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Rescuers Heartbroken After They Find A Frightened Pup Who Spent Three Nights All Alone At A Park

Rescuers Heartbroken After They Find A Frightened Pup Who Spent Three Nights All Alone At A Park

When Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, a California dog rescue, heard that there was a scared dog who was sleeping all alone at a park, she rushed to rescue her.

Upon arriving at the scene, the experienced rescuer saw a beautiful canine lying under a tree near the bushes. She had a pensive and sad expression on her face.

Since there were many coyotes at the park, Hall was extremely worried for the doggo. She was determined to bring her to safety as soon as possible.

Trying To Rescue The Dog

dog sleeping at the park
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall felt heartbroken after she learned that the sweet pooch spent three nights all alone at the park. 

The rescuer began talking to the pup who kept lying in the same spot, not knowing where to go. She looked at her rescuer with eyes filled with sadness and fear.

photo of dog at the park
Source: Suzette Hall

After Hall gave her sausages, the adorable pup started eating. 

The long-time rescuer set a trap, hoping that she would soon save her.

A good woman named Rosario stepped in to help Hall capture the canine. Hall and Rosario spoke to her in a loving voice, trying to win her over.

When the rescuers saw that the pup began approaching the trap, they felt hopeful.

Unfortunately, instead of entering the crate, the doggo shook it and the crate closed. The noise of the closing door startled the pooch, and she ran away.

Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On The Dog

dog lying by the bush
Source: Suzette Hall

Luckily, the pooch kept coming back to her spot under the tree. 

The pup wished to trust her rescuers with her whole heart, but her fear was much stronger.

“She was trying so hard to trust and she seemed to love Rosario, but she was so scared,” Hall shared in a Facebook post.

The kind-hearted rescuers refused to give up on the doggo. They didn’t want her to spend another night all alone at the park.

They decided to wait until the doggo retreated deeper into the bushes, looking for a place to sleep. The rescuers hoped that it would be easier to rescue her once she entered the bush.

They approached the dog quietly and placed the gate around the bush. 

The rescuers rejoiced after they realized that their strategy worked perfectly.

“After a few minutes we got the snappy snare around her. It wasn’t easy but we were not giving up,” Hall wrote.

Feeling Safe In Her Rescuer’s Arms

close-up photo of scared dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall comforted the sweet dog while she held her in her embrace. She wanted the canine to know that she was going to be alright.

Once the pup was in her rescuer’s arms, she felt safe. The delightful canine sensed that she wasn’t alone anymore.

Hall drove her to the hospital, where she received medical attention. 

Both her rescuer and the hospital staff cuddled her, and the pup soaked up all their affection.

The dog’s heart was filled with gratitude toward her rescuers, who didn’t give up on her.

Thanks to them, the California beauty will never spend another night hiding in the bushes all alone. From now on, she will only know love, and she will never feel frightened again.