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Rescuers Heard Strange Noise Coming From A Bag And Couldn’t Believe What They Found In It

Rescuers Heard Strange Noise Coming From A Bag And Couldn’t Believe What They Found In It

When a Good Samaritan heard some strange noises coming from a dumpster, it didn’t take them long to realize that those were actually the cries of a dog in need.

They immediately contacted Tullahoma Animal Shelter and informed them of the situation. Two rescuers, David Reed and Chris Cabral, immediately headed to the location.

As soon as they arrived, they took a look inside the dumpster and what they saw completely broke their hearts.

Heartbreaking Scene

green dumpster outdoor
Source: Facebook

At the bottom of the dumpster, the rescuers saw a pup inside a tightly bound white trash bag, which, unable to breathe properly, stopped barking.

Even though they suspected the worst, Reed and Cabral quickly took a net and fished the bag out of the dumpster.

trash in dumpster
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They anxiously cut open the bag, and when they saw the state of the pup, they thought they were too late.

“[H]e was not moving, crying or barking. When he began to breathe, they immediately contacted one of our veterinarians in order to get him emergency care,” Tullahoma Animal Shelter animal control manager Cheryl Rhoads told The Dodo.

The pup, named Oscar, was rushed to the vet, where he was given subcutaneous fluids and other needed medications as well as a much-needed haircut.

fragiled yorkie
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Initially, this Yorkie weighed six pounds. But, after the vets cut all the severe mats from his little fragile body, his body weight dropped to four and a half pounds.

Finally, after being in a healthy and loving environment, Oscar immediately started feeling and looking better.

yorkie dog recovering
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New Life

Since Oscar is currently part of an active investigation in order to determine what truly happened to him, he is not available for adoption despite countless offers.

However, he did become a foster pet to a loving family who are doing their best for him to regain his health completely.

And, he sure is loving it!

“Oscar has some sass to him. His favorite activity is to burrow up in blankets and sleep. He also likes to be held, but on his terms,” Rhoads said.

He doesn’t really like taking his medicine, such as eye ointment and drops, or having his cream for the infection on his bottom, but he does like to bury himself in blankets for his naps.

dog on fluffy blanket laying
Source: Facebook

His rescuers are overjoyed to see him going from a pup who was practically fighting for his life to one who is enjoying life and having never-ending fun.

I am sure that the investigation will soon be closed, and he will become a part of a loving family.

Good luck, Oscar!

Final Word

Unfortunately, Oscar isn’t the only pup who was cruelly dumped.

Countless animals are abandoned on the streets by their owners, forcing them to fend for themselves in order to survive the harsh life on the street.

But, this is not the way!

Please, if you, for whatever reason, are no longer able to take care of your furry friend, please drop them off at your local shelter and give them a second chance at life. They deserve it!