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Rescuers Find Creative Way To Help Traumatized Pittie Leave Kennel For The First Time

Rescuers Find Creative Way To Help Traumatized Pittie Leave Kennel For The First Time

If there is one thing that is always depressing to see, it is how some humans treat other animals, such as dogs or cats.

They do not realize or care that mistreatment or abuse leaves permanent scars on them that are nearly impossible to heal.

This will result in many of them completely isolating from humans or outright running away at the sight of any other living being.

It’s horrible, and it needs to stop. This Pittie was so scared of humans until she was found by some wonderful people who wanted to change her life for the better.

A Slow Rehabilitation

dog is lying on the bed
Source: Facebook

When Tiana was first saved by Pennsylvania SPCA, she was completely terrified of everyone she met.

Her owner was extremely abusive and neglectful toward her, and this, in turn, caused her immense trauma. 

The rescuers were not sure if she was ever going to recover, but they were willing to do their best and try to help her heal slowly.

Even after she was taken to a safe place by her saviors, she would almost never leave her kennel, which was heartbreaking, and it just showed how scared she was all the time.

rescued pitty in bedroom
Source: pspca

Maddie Bernstein told The Dodo: “She would cower in her kennel with her head down, ears back and with a crouched body posture on approach. She would exhibit full-body trembling and huddle in the back of her kennel.

They tried many different methods to see if she would budge. One was trying to lure Tiana out with treats, and the other was walking other dogs near her kennel.

However, no matter what they tried, it all seemed fruitless. She wasn’t going to move, so the rescuers at Pennsylvania SPCA had to get creative.

Simplest Idea Is Usually The Best

Out of all the ideas they had in mind, one managed to stick with them. Bernstein said: “What ended up working is our staff member just picked her up and carried her out to a play yard.

Just as that happened, she relaxed almost immediately. Everyone was baffled by this because they didn’t think it was going to be so simple.

Tiana started playing with one of the staff members, and she seemed to be enjoying herself for the first time in a while.

Now that they knew what worked, they continued helping her out with each passing day, and she was doing a lot better.

They always took it slow with Tiana as they did not want to alarm or upset her with anything. She’s been through so much and didn’t need any additional problems.

After a while, it became apparent to everyone at SPCA that she was just a very sweet dog who only wanted a normal life.

pitty on the bed
Source: Facebook

Bernstein said: “She’s truthfully just a sweetie pie. She loves to snuggle and be pet, and once she is feeling really comfortable, she does zoomies in the play yard and romps around like a puppy.

The rescuers are doing their best to help Tiana find a forever home. She would obviously need a quiet place where she could adapt at her own pace.

In the meantime, she is happy to be with her amazing rescuers who are cherishing every moment with her and giving her everything she needs.