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Rescuers Shocked To Find Puppies Hugging On ‘Frozen Ground’ To Protect Themselves From The Cold

Rescuers Shocked To Find Puppies Hugging On ‘Frozen Ground’ To Protect Themselves From The Cold

Dogs cannot attain happiness if they don’t have parents who will hug them tightly and show them how deeply they love them.

Sadly, some dog owners neglect their pups and put their precious lives in danger without feeling the tiniest bit of empathy. 

Biscuit, Jam, and Jelly, the three puppy siblings, were just one week old when they were left outside in freezing temperatures. Shivering with cold, the little babies huddled together on the frozen, dirty ground, trying to keep warm.

Good Humans Help The Neglected Pups

A Texas resident spotted the tiny, fluffy fur babies enduring the freezing temperatures in a family yard. Terribly worried for the pups, they contacted the San Antonio Animal Care Services

After receiving the call, the staff was heartbroken. They hopped into their van and sped to the address. 

Upon arrival at the scene, the staff found the puppies snuggling with each other and doing their best to stay warm.

“Several pets … were left outside in the recent freezing temperatures and were discovered in distress,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

The rescuers felt saddened after they discovered the puppies’ parents, later named Butters and Honey, who trembled with cold. Both of them felt powerless because they were unable to help their babies.

The team carried the canine family and the other abandoned pets into their van.

Pups Receive The Much-Needed Care

The rescuers rushed all the abandoned animals to the animal emergency room. The vets gave them a checkup and provided them with the care they badly needed.

The three fur babies, later named Biscuit, Jam, and Jelly, were found to be in severe condition. 

The dedicated staff at the San Antonio shelter gave them around-the-clock care and a lot of love. The resilient siblings began thriving, and they were soon medically cleared.

The worried parents, Butter and Honey, felt glad to see that their whole family was safe and sound. 

Nobody could resist the adorable canine family who captivated the hearts of the shelter staff right away. They enjoyed cuddling with them and showering them with love. 

“True to her name, Honey is super sweet, and she is super nice as well. She loves treats … and her babies are just the cutest,” the shelter wrote on their website.

Foster Families Open Their Hearts 

Since the shelter staff needed more space to accommodate other dogs in need of help, they focused on finding the lovely family a warm home.

Butters was the first family member who found a foster home. Although Honey and the puppies spent more time waiting for their temporary home, they succeeded in finding a great foster family.

Honey felt happy and carefree because she could take care of her babies in a loving home. Biscuit, Jam, and Jelly have the time of their lives in a foster home. 

We hope that Butters and Honey, along with their puppies, will get their happy endings. They deserve to have forever parents who will cherish them and spoil them with love.