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Rescuers Couldn’t Believe They Found A Dog Trapped Inside A Boulder, So They Rushed To Help

Rescuers Couldn’t Believe They Found A Dog Trapped Inside A Boulder, So They Rushed To Help

It’s rescues like Tessa’s that make us restore our faith in humanity.

The whole community of giant-hearted rescuers joined forces for a noble cause, showcasing how strong and powerful people can be when united.

This sweet girl went through a major trauma when she got stuck under a boulder far away from anything familiar. She spent days trying to reach out to the world, but she had no success.

Then, something amazing happened!

Saving Tessa

The Sidewalk Specials team first met Tessa on their outreach, which typically consists of checking up on outdoor dogs and investigating their living conditions. 

Tessa lived on a farm with a family and some other canines, but due to her poor living conditions, the team made sure to take her under their feeding scheme. They fed her as well as her siblings around the clock on a regular basis.

She was such a sweet, kind girl who always greeted her SS buddies with the sweetest tail wags and smiles.

Tessa loved her farm life, and she really loved being around her siblings. But, one day, she went missing, leaving her family in shock. She was gone for three days and three nights, after which, she was spotted deep under a boulder.

After a thorough investigation of the sight, it was evident that Tessa got stuck under the boulder, and she couldn’t find her way out. The SS team was contacted and they immediately rushed to help.

They somehow reached Tessa to give her food, as she went days without eating and drinking. Sadly, the rocks were too heavy to move, and the team needed assistance from professionals.

Tessa’s rescuers managed to find a professional mountaineer who agreed to help with his equipment.

“We’ve actually managed to find a professional mountaineer who says he says equipment to move the rocks so he’s gonna head up early tomorrow morning,” said Rachael Sylvester, the founder of SP.

The next morning, he arrived at the spot, and started what appeared to be one of the hardest rescue missions this team of giant-hearted people ever had. Tessa’s rescue took around five hours, but she was eventually saved and brought back to safe ground.

Once she finally got out, Tessa was so happy to be reunited with her siblings. She drank a lot of water, as she was clearly dehydrated. According to the team, this was her longest drink they’ve ever seen.

The Road To Recovery

Due to her failed attempts to get out from the rocks alone, Tessa had scrapes all over her body. The SS team provided her with all the medical care she needed, and once she finally felt better, they brought her back to her family.

Only a few days within her stay on the farm, her rescuers learned that Tessa’s owners left their home and abandoned her. On one of their outreaches, they spotted Tessa sleeping in an old, rusty drum outside. 

On top of all that, she had another wound on her head. A big chunk of her skin was missing, and she was evidently in bad condition.

“No dog deserves to experience abandonment. Especially not an old, sweet girl like Tessa, who’s survived so much already,” Sidewalk Specials wrote on Facebook.

One more time, the team intervened and decided to help their loving girl. They moved Tessa from the farm, which was now unsafe for her, and brought her back to their facility.

The most amazing thing happened just a few days later. She managed to find a wonderful foster family who agreed to take care of her until she finds a forever home. She got a big family and lots of doggo siblings who accepted her in a heartbeat.

Despite her abandonment, it took Tessa only a few days to blossom into the happiest canine ever. She really loves her new environment, and has such a beautiful way with her new siblings.

The SS team hopes Tessa’s future family will show up soon, as she truly deserves it. After all she has been through, a cozy home and understanding hoomans are all she needs.