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Rescuers Found A Scared Dog Who Was Shivering When Anyone Got Close So They Tried To Help

Rescuers Found A Scared Dog Who Was Shivering When Anyone Got Close So They Tried To Help

There’s no greater gift for a dog rescuer than seeing a canine they saved from a difficult situation embark on a transformative journey.

When the good people of Howl Of A Dog first found Mina, she was absolutely hopeless. This sweet girl lived a life on the edge, severely ill and scared of everyone.

She spent her days shivering with fear whenever someone would approach her. But, her situation was about to change in just weeks… all thanks to one gentle touch!

Mina’s Heartbreaking Backstory

puppy being rubbed
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When Mina was pulled out from the city pond where she was found, the first thing her rescuers noticed was how terrified she was. 

She was trembling in fear every time someone tried to pet her. Judging from her behavior, it was obvious that this doggo underwent severe trauma that triggered her fear of humans.

On top of all that, Mina had multiple health issues that required immediate intervention.

cute dog sitting
Source: Howl Of A Dog

“She was severely emaciated, suffering from mange and intestinal infection, anemic, dehydrated, barely walking and so emotionally traumatized that she was terrified of everything,” the Howl Of A Dog team wrote in their YouTube video.

The team brought her to the facility, where her recovery process was about to take the most unexpected turn. Not only would Mina beat the odds, but she’d become a brand-new girl whose life journey would inspire many.

Belly Rubs Are Mina’s Favorite

happy dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The first couple of weeks were quite difficult for Mina. She had a slow, step-by-step adaptation period where she got in touch with different people… and dogs.

But, with a little love, regular meds, and vet checkups, this lovely girl started to come out of her shell. She began to interact with other doggos and slowly allowed her caregivers to pet her.

It was a huge breakthrough moment for everyone, but eventually, seeing Mina’s tail wag for the first time in a long time was absolutely priceless. 

puppy getting belly rubbing
Source: Howl Of A Dog

In no time, she became a brand-new dog who now enjoys the company of her friends. She started to play in the back yard with other dogs, and you could just tell from the smile on her face how much she enjoyed it!

Yet, her absolute favorite activity of all are belly rubs! From the moment she was rescued, Mina had a difficult time trusting people. But, when her caregivers started to give her the gentlest pats on her belly, everything changed.

Mina’s trauma slowly faded away, and she now completely trusts her hoomans – signaling that she is ready for a new adventure!

The Perfect Home For The Perfect Girl

two black dogs
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The most wonderful news arrived at the HOAD facility within only months.

The team managed to find Mina a beautiful home with Kathleen, Mattis, and their dog, Alma. After a long and exhausting journey, she finally got a whole new family for herself. And, the best part was – they welcomed her with an open heart!

puppy on the beach
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Mina is now enjoying endless playtime with her bigger sister, daily beach visits, and many more adventures with her family.

“She has adjusted well at her new home and loves playing with her bigger sister, Alma. Mina’s story and the transformation she’s made in the last few months are extraordinary and we are so very happy that, at the end of her journey to recovery, this little dog has also found her perfect loving home,” her rescuers wrote on Facebook.

Seeing this resilient girl living a new life after all the storms she weathered was the greatest gift to her rescuers. To the HOAD team, Mina would always serve as a testimony to what humanity can do when united!