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Rescuers Found A Lost Dog But He Refused To Leave Until His Family Came For Him

Rescuers Found A Lost Dog But He Refused To Leave Until His Family Came For Him

When neighbors saw a little black lump that was curled between two trash cans on their street in Compton, California, they approached to see what it was.

As soon as they got closer to the trash cans, they found out that the black lump was actually a little dog. After the pup saw them approaching, he sprung to his paws and ran away as fast as he could.

The neighbors couldn’t stop thinking about the pup, and they left some treats for him, hoping that they would manage to catch him.

The Pooch Doesn’t Let Anyone Get Close To Him

dog on the street
Source: Suzette Hall

The pup kept coming to the same street corner where the residents saw him for the first time. They tried to rescue him, but he didn’t let them get close to him. The pooch seemed scared and the neighbors assumed that he was a stray.

Little did they know that he longed to get back to his loving home after he accidentally escaped. As he didn’t know how to return to his home, he continued waiting, hoping that his family would find him.

tiny dog walking on the street
Source: Suzette Hall

The little pup, whose real name is Marley, didn’t know that his family had been desperately looking for him for months.

He was glad that he could rely on the help of kind-hearted people who fed him. After finishing his meal, the dog would always return to the same street corner.

The Experienced Rescuer Comes To The Dog’s Rescue

old dog with gray hair on head in a cage
Source: Suzette Hall

After Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, found out about the tiny pup who needed her help, she went to the neighborhood right away to rescue him.

She was deeply saddened after she saw the sweet pup waiting between the trash cans with his eyes filled with sadness.

Hall put some treats in a humane trap. Unable to resist them, the pup quickly entered the crate. 

The rescuer was relieved that the tiny dog was finally safe. After she carried him to her car, they drove to Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California.

At the time, Hall didn’t know that the adorable dog had owners who never lost hope of reuniting with him, so she was determined to find him a wonderful forever home.

Hall posted photos of the pup, along with the details about his rescue on her Facebook page.

Marley Is Back In His Mom’s Arms 

woman hugging dog
Source: Suzette Hall

Marley’s family kept searching the internet, hoping that someone might have seen their beloved dog. They were over the moon when they saw Hall’s post and recognized their delightful fur baby.

His family hopped into their car and went to the hospital to reunite with him. 

When Marley saw his mom, he ran toward her, threw himself in her arms, and covered her in kisses.

“He was gone for literally two months. But his mom never gave up looking for him,” Hall said.

While they were hugging, Marley’s mom cried tears of joy. She couldn’t believe that her baby was finally with her.

Marley completely transformed. The sadness vanished from his eyes. He couldn’t contain his excitement and his tail was wagging non stop.

happy family with dog posing
Source: Suzette Hall

This was the moment he had been waiting for months for. His family found him at last.

“It was so sweet, you have no idea. We were all crying so hard,” Hall said.

Marley went home with his family, who couldn’t stop hugging their boi, trying to make up for all the love they couldn’t give him while he was missing.