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Rescuers Found A Dog Who Was Severely Matted And Helped Him Transform Completely

Rescuers Found A Dog Who Was Severely Matted And Helped Him Transform Completely

It is no secret that in order to be truly healthy and happy, dogs need to be regularly groomed. This is especially true for those dogs who have long and luscious hair.

Grooming involves shaving, clipping, or trimming the pet’s fur when necessary. It also includes taking care of their nails.

If your pet doesn’t get groomed from time to time, their nails could start growing inward, and their fur might end up severely matted, causing them a lot of pain – something that happened to the pups of today’s story.

Rescue Mission

As soon as the rescuers from Animal Friends Connection Humane Society, a rescue shelter based in Lodi, California, heard about two pups living in very poor conditions in somebody’s backyard, they knew they had to do something to help.

They didn’t really know just how bad the situation was, so when they finally arrived at the location, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

They were met with one pup and one giant ball of fluff who was, underneath all of that, also a pup.

The matted pup, later named Tony, was one of the most severe mat cases the Lodi rescuers had ever seen while the other dog, Clive, was in better shape except for being scared and dirty.

Looking around at the place where these pups probably spent a very long time, the rescuers saw that it was full of garbage and that it was not healthy for them to stay there. Luckily, the rescuers were able to capture them quite fast and take them away, never to look back.

Much-Needed Haircut

The pups were immediately brought to the shelter, where Clive received a bath and Tony a well-needed haircut.

The rescue team was a bit worried that it would be difficult to shave off the mats because he might be scared, but, to their surprise, the pup wagged his tail through the entire process.

“He was such a good boy. He knew he was being helped, and he was dying for connection,” Victoria, one of Tony’s rescuers with Animal Friends Connection Humane Society, said in a press release.

In no time, Tony was finally free!

Shaving off seven-and-a-half pounds of matted fur really allowed Tony to transform into the cutest pup ever.

The rescuers were amazed at how such a tiny dog was able to carry all of that heavy fur, but they were also excited to see how his life would play out now.

New Life

After their incredible transformation, both Tony and Clive were taken in by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for a short while after finding their forever homes.

Tony, who was renamed Riley since his new mom was named Toni, is now living the best life ever.

Since he became freed from the mats, he loves going on fun adventures and seeing the world with his new favorite hoomans.