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Rescuers Found A Dog On Pile Of Garbage Only To Realize She Also Has Another Surprise

Rescuers Found A Dog On Pile Of Garbage Only To Realize She Also Has Another Surprise

When the good people in a Southern California neighborhood first found Delta, they were utterly shocked at what they saw! 

A dog, yelping in fear, scared of everything and everyone.

She was absolutely terrified of the fact that someone was approaching her in her very own “bastion of solitude.” But, what she called home was nothing but a huge pile of garbage and an old car bench seat. 

With no humane conditions whatsoever, Delta had zero chance of making it on her own. She was sentenced to the inevitable, and her spirit fading away was only a matter of days. But, her founders were inclined to change that – immediately!

Delta Lived Her Life On The Edge

dog on old couch
Source: Suzette Hall

The kind rescuers who found Delta coping in absolutely terrible circumstances knew who to call! They contacted Suzette Hall of Logan’s Legacy, a long-time animal rescuer who dedicated her life to saving furry creatures in need.

After receiving the call, Hall immediately drove to the spot and was completely heartbroken.

“That old dirty couch was her bed, she laid there deep back in an alley. But deep down all she wants is love,” Hall wrote on her Facebook.

sweet black dog in a cage
Source: Suzette Hall

From what she looked like, Delta was clearly abandoned by her former owner and left in the alleyway to fend for herself. But, even more than that – she was utterly scared of everything!

“She was scared of everything. Even a leash would make her scream. I can’t imagine what memories were going through her mind, but we could tell she really wanted love,” Hall wrote.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to lure this scared canine into a humane trap, Hall and her fellow volunteers finally made it! They loaded Delta in the car, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Here Comes The Surprise

very scared black dog
Source: Suzette Hall

The great news arrived from Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California. Aside from some minor skin and eye infections, Delta had no serious health problems. 

Medicated baths and lots of TLC was all she needed. 

But, that wasn’t all… no! 

Right when it seemed that this would end up just as one of those regular rescues, Delta uncovered an amazing surprise! She was pregnant

two sweet newborn puppies
Source: Suzette Hall

Within just days, she brought to this world a pair of beautiful pups – Chunky and Monkey. And, she couldn’t be happier!

Together with the people who helped her to come out of her shell and weather her past storms, Delta became the sweetest caregiver.

Her mom instinct kicked in, and soon enough, she wasn’t even the shadow of her old self. Instead, she became a loving momma to her babies, acting like those past days in the alley never happened.

From A Fearful Girl To A Happy Pup

happy dog with open mouth
Source: Suzette Hall

Right now, Delta and her pups are in foster care and only days away from being fully ready to embark on a new life adventure!

Thanks to Hall and Delta’s fosters, this once-scared pup transformed into a brand-new girl, and today, she can’t stop smiling!

“Delta’s frown has been turned upside down. Look at her smile, she is so proud of her little family,” Hall wrote.
She’s now patiently waiting for the day to finally meet the family who’d give her another chance at life. When the time is right, there’s no doubt that Delta would make an excellent companion! All she needs is a little bit of love, a cozy home, and a hooman – this time, for a lifetime!