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Rescuers Find A Stray Dog Living On A Pile Of Trash And Immediately Rush To Help Him

Rescuers Find A Stray Dog Living On A Pile Of Trash And Immediately Rush To Help Him

Most stray dogs go through terrifying emotional trauma living on the street. Usually, it’s a result of many factors such as loud noise, neglect, confusion, and abuse.

This is usually why some prefer to live in isolation, or as far from crowded areas as possible because it usually means trouble for them.

In this story, we will talk about a rescue organization from California who found a sweet dog living in a pile of trash on his own before being rescued.

A Very Sad Life

the dog sleeps next to the fence on the garbage
Source: Hope For Paws

When the rescue organization, Hope For Paws, from California, received a call about a dog living near the road in a pile of trash, they weren’t sure what to think of that.

However, they readied themselves and were on the scene pretty fast. When the rescuer arrived, the Good Samaritan who made the call greeted him and showed him where the dog was.

He wasn’t sure if the poor animal was injured, so he wanted to be careful when approaching him.

a man feeds a dog lying on the garbage
Source: Hope For Paws

When the man approached him, he started getting really scared and was not sure what to do. 

His rescuer gave him some food to hopefully help him ease up a little bit and see that he only had good intentions.

When he was finally relaxed enough, the rescuer placed a small leash on him and it was now time to take him to the car.

A Beginning Of Something Amazing

portrait of a dog with a red leash
Source: Hope For Paws

He still didn’t know if the dog was injured, so he lured him out of the trash and saw that he was fine.

The dog, now named Chico, was reluctant to leave his spot, as it was a place where he felt safe.

So, his rescuer decided to simply pick him up and carry him to the car. On their drive back to the shelter, the dog relaxed a little bit and just enjoyed the ride.

When he got there, they gave him a nice, warm bath, so they could get rid of all the fleas and dirt.

a man is petting a dog lying on a white bed sheet
Source: Hope For Paws

After his treatment, he was placed in his own kennel where he could finally sleep soundly, knowing that he was rescued by such amazing people.

A bit later, he was put on the adoption list by his rescuers, as he seemed to be in perfect health and was ready for it.

It didn’t take a long time, as Chico had found his forever home pretty fast after being rescued, and now he has a new and wonderful family.

His rescuers are so delighted that such a sweet dog managed to recover and start his life all over again.