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Rescuers Find A Dog Cruelly Thrown Out Of A House, Only To Discover She Had Babies

Rescuers Find A Dog Cruelly Thrown Out Of A House, Only To Discover She Had Babies

The sad truth is that many dog owners keep forgetting that their dogs have feelings, too.

A number of humans tend to cruelly abandon their pups on the harsh streets without even trying to give them a second chance at life.

That is why when this rescue team received a video of a dog being thrown out of a house, their hearts immediately broke.

Since it was really cold outside, they knew they had to find the pup right away and bring her somewhere warm and safe.

However, there was one problem – they didn’t know where she was located.

As they were carefully observing the video over and over again, they were left shocked when they realized that she wasn’t alone.

Shocking Realization

abandoned dog laying down
Source: Paws Show

The video depicted the abandoned pup lying next to a fence in a puddle of ice with her newborn puppies.  

This dog had just given birth!

abandoned dog and puppy
Source: Paws Show

They slept outside in 14-degree weather, trying to keep warm next to each other.

After some research, the rescuers found out that the person who sent them the videos was actually the owner who kicked them out of the house!

The rescuers, in complete shock, informed the police of what this person had done.

dog and its puppy
Source: Paws Show

However, the incredible mama dog kept strong for the sake of her pups, even eating the snow and enduring the pain in order to keep her babies safe and warm.

Luckily, the rescuers managed to find out the location of this brave mama and her babies, and drove three hours to finally rescue her.

Finally Safe

Even though the mama dog allowed the rescuers to take her and her puppies, she was still very anxious and kept a close eye on everything they were doing.

mother dog feeding a puppy
Source: Paws Show

The little family was finally warm and had yummy food to eat.

Being in such a warm and loving environment, in only 15 days, the change was incredible. The puppies were growing big and strong, and their mom was becoming healthy again.

cute puppies and mother dog
Source: Paws Show

Just a month later, this happy and healthy family managed to find a warm and loving forever home!

Now, this little family is spending their days playing around and cuddling with incredible hoomans who appreciate them for who they are.

They no longer fear that they will be abandoned on the cold street as they are in a home that loves them unconditionally.

mother dog standing
Source: Paws Show

Final Word

Please remember that you do not have to abandon your pets like this.

There are countless shelters around the world that dedicate their time and space in order to save animals and ensure that they have a second chance at life.

So, if you, for whatever reason, are no longer capable of taking care of your pet, please do not kick them out on the street.

Bring them to your local shelter and show them that they haven’t done anything wrong and that they deserve to be happy again!