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Rescuers Couldn’t Believe They Saw A Dog In A Pile Of Trash, So They Went To Her Aid

Rescuers Couldn’t Believe They Saw A Dog In A Pile Of Trash, So They Went To Her Aid

We never know how much love a stray animal can give until we provide a home to one. And, once they get that home, they just never, ever let go.

Lakita’s story hasn’t been an easy one. This American Bully girl was fighting for her life from the moment her first owners cruelly dumped her. 

She had been roaming the streets of Kentucky ever since, fending for herself for months. For a very long time, Lakita was waiting for someone to be kind enough to her. 

Once she lost all of her strength, Lakita had no other choice but to tuck herself near some random porch and fall asleep, waiting for a better tomorrow. 

The next day, she opened her eyes, and it happened – the long-awaited miracle at just the right moment!

Moments Away From The Point Of No Return

dog and trash bag
Source: Tracy Korfhage

Tracy Korfhage, of MisPits And Friends Rescue, from Louisville, Kentucky, was contacted by a woman who told her that she found a very weak dog curled up near her porch. 

Even though Tracy doesn’t normally get dogs off the streets, as it can be dangerous, her inner instincts told differently. The woman said that the dog was minutes away from the point of no return, and Tracy immediately rushed to the spot!

When she saw Lakita lying on top of a pile of trash, her heart broke. She was devastated to see this poor girl, who smelled horribly, losing a life battle just because someone decided to abandon her.

She absolutely had no strength, and she seemed like she had completely given up. But, Tracy didn’t! 

She and her colleague picked Lakita up and drove her to animal control. They wanted to give her owner enough time to come forward. As expected, no one ever responded.

Miraculous Transformation

Tracy decided to keep Lakita in her home until this girl completely recovered. And then – a miraculous transformation began!

Just two weeks into fostering, Lakita gained an amazing 14 pounds. A sturdy, strong girl literally blossomed out of her weak body. She started playing in Tracy’s back yard, and she almost completely came out of her shell. 

“She enjoys the simple things in life like laying out in the yard sunbathing and enjoying the breeze, chewing on a bone, or napping,” Tracy wrote.

Christmas gifts and old dog
Source: Tracy Korfhage

Tracy and Lakita formed a beautiful bond together. The two spent months training together, and Lakita grew into a brand-new girl. She learned basic commands, as well as walking on a leash. 

One thing she wasn’t fond of were other dogs. Even though she never displayed any aggressive behavior, Lakita was selective towards other dogs. But, she was completely ready to meet a new family!

Lakita In A New Home

Right before Christmas 2019, Tracy and the team took pictures of Lakita in her holiday outfit, and in no time, the post went viral! 

“She lives for food! She even dances at dinner time. Lakita’s Christmas wish is to be home for the holidays curled up watching her favorite holiday movies. Did we mention she loves to model on the side,” her caregivers wrote on Facebook.

So many people fell in love with this adorable girl, but one particular couple stood out of the crowd. Sebastian and Ashtyn Garrison knew from the moment they saw her that Lakita was meant to be their forever dog

They reached out to Tracy and arranged their first meeting with Lakita. Right there, it was resolved – she was just meant to be the new member of the Garrison family. 

She completely warmed up to her new owners, especially the kids. Lakita was so happy to finally be in the right home, and being around her new siblings made her feel over the moon!

With the help of her new hoomans, Lakita managed to get over her past. And, she’s now the happiest, most affectionate girl ever!