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Rescuers Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Found A Puppy In A Rice Bag In The Trash

Rescuers Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Found A Puppy In A Rice Bag In The Trash

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a cold act of cruelty breaks your heart again. 

A group of kind rescuers was shocked when they stumbled upon an open rice bag at one of the local markets. When they approached a little closer, they realized that the bag wasn’t empty and it was actually moving.

What they found inside the next moment truly shattered their hearts into a million pieces!

A Heartbreaking Rescue

All alone, covered in fleas, there was Pino! This teeny-tiny little boi was left by an anonymous person in horrific condition to fend for itself. The problem was – Pino was just a four-week-old puppy who still needed his momma.

“He was dumped by an anonymous person who disappeared as quickly as they could, not wanting to be seen throwing away a living being like he was nothing,” the LSM wrote on Instagram.

He was helplessly lying in a rice bag in a chicken pen, cold and shivering in fear of everything. After an initial examination of the pup, the rescuers learned the heartbreaking truth – Pino was left there because of his condition.

“We found this tiny dog curled up in a chicken pen. He was cold and shivering in fear when we approached him. This poor little boy was most likely dumped because he had mange,” his rescuers told The Dodo.

Without the proper help, this 1.5-pound baby was sentenced to starvation and was only days away from the point of no return.

Luckily, the kind people at Little Steps Matter arrived at the spot at just the right time!

The rescuers immediately rushed into action and picked up the little boi from the floor. Soon enough, Pino was on a vet desk, waiting to be properly evaluated for the first time in his life.

And, the diagnosis was quite bad!

This heartbroken, yet resilient pup suffered from a severe case of mange and was very emaciated. The good part of his fur was missing, and he needed treatment – urgently!

The LSM team, known for their amazing rescues over the years, embraced Pino as one of their own family members. He was welcomed with arms and paws wide open, and his cheerful spirit soon captivated the hearts of everyone in the safe house!

Pino’s Miraculous Transformation

It was a long, exhausting journey with daily ups and downs, but Pino finally made it! After the first two weeks, Pino started to receive his medicated baths – and he took them like a champion!

In just a few weeks of treatment, he was officially doing much better. 

He started eating properly and already gained some healthy weight. Pino was completely out of his shell, starting to display his one-of-a-kind personality everywhere he went.

He finally realized that he wasn’t alone anymore, and the love he received from his caregivers was only reciprocated with every new day!

Then came another blissful moment!

Pino’s fur grew back – and now he looked nothing like his old self! 

He was practically a brand-new dog, with his shiny, black coat that helped him charm his way everywhere. Pino became a confident, young pup that enjoyed the company of his furry buddies, and now – he was ready for a home of his own!

After two months in LSM care, an amazing family adopted Pino into their loving home. His adopters, Chelo and Rizky, fell in love with their boi right off the bat, and they couldn’t be happier!

As for Pino, he’s finally learning the meaning of a forever home with his doggo sister, Mellie. 

“Seeing him now to find out what family means, just fills our hearts with so much happiness. We hope sweet Pino, it is everything you ever dreamed of and more,” the LSM team wrote.

Once an abandoned boi waiting for the inevitable, Pino is now a brand-new dog who takes on life adventures with the biggest smile on his face!