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Rescuers From Oregon Came To Save This Dog Stuck On A Cliff But Were Not Sure How To Do It 

Rescuers From Oregon Came To Save This Dog Stuck On A Cliff But Were Not Sure How To Do It 

I am pretty sure that every dog owner knows just how unpredictable dogs can get.

They can be walking along a path peacefully for one second, and the very next, they are off chasing after a squirrel or seeing something else that requires their immediate attention.

Sometimes, they can also be very distracted, not watching where they are going, causing them to end up in sticky situations.

That is exactly what happened to a pup named Smudge, who got himself stuck in a pretty difficult spot to reach.

Rescue Mission

When Smudge and his owner were going on a fun walk along a trail in the area of the Botanical Gardens in St. Helens, Oregon, they thought it would be just a regular, boring day.

However, Smudge ended up falling from the Oregon trail down onto a steep hill.

Not being able to get to Smudge himself, the owner ended up contacting the Columbia River Fire and Rescue for help.

The rescue team made their way swiftly to the scene, hoping to rescue the dog as soon as possible and reunite him with his owner.

However, when they inspected the area, the team realized that they weren’t going to be able to get to Smudge so easily.

They decided that they would also need some assistance, so they contacted the Columbia County Technical Rescue Team (TRT), asking for help.

Since the TRT consisted of members from the various fire departments in Columbia County, with specialized training in high/low angle rescues, they were perfect for the job.

As soon as they arrived at the scene, they brought out their equipment and made a plan that would get them to the pup in the fastest and safest way.

The plan consisted of one member making his way down to the dog with a rope around his torso that would pull both of them up.

Luckily, the plan worked like a charm, allowing Smudge to be back in his owner’s embrace in no time.

The owner was overjoyed to be reunited with his pup again, and he couldn’t express his gratitude towards everyone who was involved in the rescue.

Be Careful

This story is a great reminder that when going on hikes, you should always be well-prepared.

Dogs are very unpredictable, and sometimes they forget that the ground that they are walking on can suddenly disappear.

That is why your dog should always wear a harness or a leash, allowing you to have full control of their whereabouts.