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Rescuer Was Just Walking Her Dog When She Noticed A Stray Dog In The Parking Garage

Rescuer Was Just Walking Her Dog When She Noticed A Stray Dog In The Parking Garage

For a lot of stray pups, meeting other dogs is usually a very good thing as it gives them a ray of hope that they might be able to make it together.

A lot of strays are usually wary of humans due to abuse so they will stick with their own kind to have a better chance of survival.

But, every once in a while, any pup can run into a sweet dog who will do their best to help the stray. In this particular case, a kind Shiba Inu ran into a stray who needed help.

The very next thing he did was try to lead his owner in that direction so they could figure out a way to aid her.

The Two Dogs Understood Each Other

When the stray pup approached the family, they noticed that she was a bit reluctant but otherwise very friendly.

They didn’t know how to ease her up, so she would run off scared. They got some food and gave it to her so she could eat.

Even though she was very hungry, she didn’t want to eat at that moment because she was frightened.

It’s hard to tell what she had gone through to have this fear of humans, but it has certainly taken its toll on her.

The woman and her dog took their distance, and the pup finally relaxed enough to eat. As she was enjoying her meal, the woman approached her and started talking to her.

She hoped this would ease her up even more. They went to the supermarket and bought even more food for the pup so she could have something to eat later.

They noticed that she was completely gone, and even the sweet Shiba Inu couldn’t find her. After about 30 minutes of searching, they were finally able to track her down.

This time, they gave her even more food and noticed that she was still hungry. They met a security guard who worked there and he told them that she lived in the parking garage for two weeks.

She would look for food during the day and sleep under the cars at night. It was so sad that she had to go through this.

A Very Successful Rescue

The next day, the woman decided to prepare a proper meal for her that was nutritious and healthy. When she saw her new friends, she quickly ran over to them in excitement.

They gave her an amazing meal, and she enjoyed every second of it. A nearby car spooked her, but she returned to her rescuers. 

She was so grateful to them that she let the woman pet her. They tried to get a leash onto her, but it was unsuccessful at first.

After a few more tries, the woman actually did it. She was placed in the car along with her new dog friend, and they were on their way home.

First, they stopped at a grooming salon, which was on the way, and they helped get rid of her matted fur.

She was a bit spooked, but the woman and her dog were there with her every step of the way. The woman used the opportunity to get her something nice to wear, a soft mattress, and a blanket.

She Is Living Her Best Life Now

The pup looked so grateful when they arrived home. It took a while before she got used to being in the house.

But, when she learned that she was safe there, it was like everything changed for her. She was a fast learner and a very happy dog.

She loves walking around the park and being with her new family. One of her favorite activities is when her rescuer takes her in her arms and gently pets her.

Even though she was initially scared to be near the busy streets, that changed after a few weeks. Her health has improved dramatically and her fur has grown back better.

She is so sweet and obedient, even when she was taken to get her vaccinations or when taking a bath. The reason is that she knows her favorite person is there with her no matter what.

The pup is so happy in her new life. She has a lot of new toys and amazing friends she can play with every day.

However, the most important part is that the rescuer decided to adopt her and give her a new chance at life. It’s really heartwarming to see everything turned out okay for her.