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Rescuer Was Surprised To Find This Stray Dog Was So Scared Of Humans But She Was Determined To Help Him

Rescuer Was Surprised To Find This Stray Dog Was So Scared Of Humans But She Was Determined To Help Him

A sense of security that someone you love won’t hurt your heart is very important for wellbeing. Yet, when your whole life revolves around your favorite person, the issue is brought to another level.

Dogs feel human love much more intensely, but they also feel tragic when that same human betrays them. This can often lead to some serious consequences, and one of the worst is when the canine completely loses faith in people. 

A dog named Jake was in exactly such a state when a big-hearted rescuer found him. Despite all her attempts, this poor doggo was unable to recognize goodness in people again. 

Deep In His Shell

dog sitting
Source: The Dodo

He appeared on her property out of nowhere. Prue Barber, a founder of Mission Paws’ible, was very sad to see Jake wandering around alone for quite some time, so she immediately decided to help him. 

Although the skilled rescuer believed this would be an easy mission, Jake soon proved her wrong. Every time she tried to get close, Jake would run away and disappear into the bushes. She soon realized that he was terrified of people, so she decided on another method. 

two dogs in a bush
Source: The Dodo

“This time I took my dog out to see if Murphy could help him warm up,” Prue told The Dodo. This didn’t stop him from returning to his shell again, but Prue could see a glimmer of joy in Jake’s eyes, which gave her hope for a happy ending. 

Since Prue realized Jake was only afraid of humans, but loved dogs, she brought the whole pack the next day. After a long search, Prue and her dogs found him behind a neighbor’s temple. 

dog hiding
Source: The Dodo

Jake was happy to see the canine fellows, but as soon as Prue got a little closer to him, he became agitated. He started to nervously walk around and there was no way to calm him down. 

Prue decided to come back the next day, but sadly, Jake was nowhere to be found. For the next two weeks, he didn’t show up, and this woman slowly began to lose hope that she would ever see him truly happy.

A Beauty Of A Miracle

dog sitting by the door
Source: The Dodo

Fourteen days after she last saw him, a miracle happened outside the front door of Prue’s house. From a distance, she noticed a furry creature with a big smile on his face. It was Jake, but he was a brand-new dog. 

“It was one of the most incredible moments, honestly,” Prue said. “He was very accepting of humans from that moment on!”

close-up photo of the dog
Source: The Dodo

From a canine that wouldn’t even look her in the eyes, Jake transformed into a dog that followed Prue everywhere and enjoyed being in her arms. It was an incredible transformation, even in the eyes of an experienced rescuer like Prue. 

She and Jake created a really strong bond during the time they spent together, but this dog’s place under the sun was a warm home with a loving family. Since no one claimed him after they posted his pictures on the Internet, Prue found Jake a forever home

two dogs lying next to each other
Source: The Dodo

“He’s got the most incredible life,” Prue happily concluded. “He’s got other friends there. He loves to run with his mates and cause havoc.”

It is a real miracle that the life of one dog who didn’t want to come out of his shell changed in such a short time. Yet, when we know that the unconditional love of one good soul was responsible for it, then everything becomes clearer.