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Rescuer Was Shocked To Find A Scared Little Puppy Hiding In A Pile Of Garbage

Rescuer Was Shocked To Find A Scared Little Puppy Hiding In A Pile Of Garbage

There is no worse fate for a puppy than being condemned to living outside and fending for itself against everything.

They are so young and innocent. Nobody deserves to go through such hardships so early on in life. 

Luckily, sometimes, fate would smile upon them and somebody wonderful would come and give them a chance to start over.

In this story, we will talk about a little puppy who was found hiding in a mud hole surrounded by garbage before his rescuer came to help him.

A Lucky Day For Faith

little puppy in garbage
Source: The Moho

When a rescuer received a message about a frightened little puppy living under a house, he answered the call.

Upon arriving at the location, the man was shocked and horrified by what he saw. There was a scared little puppy hiding in a small hole surrounded by garbage.

He wasn’t sure if he should knock at the owner’s door, but he decided against that idea. The rescuer simply took the puppy who was in desperate need of help.

Even though she allowed herself to be taken away from that awful place, she didn’t know how to feel about her rescuers. She didn’t even want to look at them. That’s how frightened she was.

dog and two women sitting in the house
Source: The Moho

The next stop was to take her to the vet for an emergency checkup. After she arrived, they told the rescuers that she was going to have to stay there a while.

She might even need surgeries to help close the laceration wounds around her neck, which was just horrifying.

After a few days, the rescuers decided to visit the dog, now named Faith, and see how she was doing. They knew that her recovery would be a difficult one and they wanted to help her.

They noticed that she was still pretty scared and didn’t interact much with anyone. The rescuers were also concerned that she might have some neurological issues that needed addressing.

Faith’s Bravery And Perseverance

owner walking with dog in forest
Source: The Moho

After days and many successful treatments, Faith was released and taken back to her rescuers who were so happy to see that she was doing okay.

They decided that she needed a medical foster who would help her heal, and they managed to find a very good one.

Eight days passed since she was taken into foster care and she already changed so much in many ways.

She became a lot more cheerful and wanted to play with other dogs. Her foster mom also made sure that she was eating well and was receiving all the necessary treatment she needed.

happy dog with clothes on
Source: The Moho

They also took her to get vaccinated, and she was spayed, so she could be placed on an adoption list.

After all of this was done, Faith was now finally ready to find a forever home, and she got lucky enough to get adopted pretty quickly.

It took only two months for her to go from a scared and injured puppy living in garbage to healing and finding the perfect family who love and care for her. 

Her bravery and the desire to live her life is just incredibly touching and I wish her all the best on her new adventures.