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Rescuer Was Shocked To Find This Matted Puppy Hiding Under A Trailer So She Went To Help Him

Rescuer Was Shocked To Find This Matted Puppy Hiding Under A Trailer So She Went To Help Him

Reading stories about stray dogs and seeing how much they have to go through can be really disheartening sometimes.

However, when you know there are kind people out there who are willing to help and are doing their best to change the situation, that feeling slowly goes away.

Suzette Hall has been a rescuer for such a long time and has had the opportunity to save so many dogs.

So, when she was notified that there was a stray who was scared but didn’t know how to ask for help, she knew something had to be done.

A Tough Rescue Mission

stray dog crossing the street
Source: Facebook

As soon as she arrived at the location in California, she started looking for the dog. It took a while, but she managed to find him.

He would usually sleep in the bushes, but would run under a trailer whenever he would feel threatened.

It’s hard to tell why he was so timid, as that was going to make any rescue attempt pretty difficult, but Hall did not want to waste this opportunity.

The first thing she did was set up a humane trap for the pup. While she understood that it was going to take a while before he took the bait, she was okay with it.

matted dog under the car
Source: Facebook

He was hiding in the bushes that time and was almost going to fall for the trap, but then a woman interfered and started chasing the pup.

She was going after him the whole time and the dog leapt across an 8-foot wall and was inside a construction site a minute later.

This frustrated Hall so much as she did not understand what this woman was trying to do to this pup.

She proceeded to look for him on the construction site but there was no sign of him anywhere. This was pretty bad news.

A New Chance For The Rescue

mattted dog outdoor
Source: Facebook

To make things even harder, he did not return to his safe spot that night so Hall had no way of knowing where he was.

Hall was not giving up, though. She returned to the same place and put another humane trap near the bushes where he would usually reside.

She waited for a long time and then noticed that he came back after a while. He must have been really hungry as he immediately went for the hot dogs inside the trap.

In the very next moment, the only thing that she could hear was the trap door closing. The rescue was a success.

Hall was relieved and so happy that this sweet dog was finally safe. She noticed that he was quite upset that he was trapped.

matted dog in cage
Source: Facebook

He didn’t understand what was happening to him, so he kept pacing around the kennel. Hall knew that it was going to take a while before he settled down, but she was going to help him.

The sweet dog, now named Jersey, was transferred to the shelter in California where the other rescuers helped groom his fur and gave him an examination to make sure he was okay.

After all of the dirty fur was gone and he was finally clean, this sweet dog looked completely different. It was almost like a huge weight was lifted off him and he could finally relax.

While we don’t know what happens next in Jersey’s story, I have no doubt that Hall is working day and night to make sure he gets the life he deserves.