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Rescuer Was Shocked To Find A Box Of Crying Puppies Just Left In A Dumpster

Rescuer Was Shocked To Find A Box Of Crying Puppies Just Left In A Dumpster

All that five tiny puppies wanted was to curl up next to their mama, sleep blissfully in her arms, and feel her unconditional love.

Sadly, heartless people separated them from her warm embrace forever and put their precious lives in danger.

The babies were fighting for their lives after heartless people put them in a cardboard box and left them in a dumpster.

They were crying for help, hoping that someone would hear them and come to their aid before it was too late.

A Woman Hears Squealing Sounds

A giant-hearted woman who was taking her trash to a dumpster outside her apartment complex in Troy, Alabama, was surprised to hear mysterious yelping sounds coming from the metal bin.

She called an apartment manager who helped her search the dumpster. Both of them were in disbelief after they realized that the noise was coming from a taped-up cardboard box.

The pair carefully opened the box and discovered five squealing puppies. They were only three weeks old.

Still in shock, the woman contacted Troy Animal Rescue Project and asked for their help.

The rescuers immediately responded to the call for help and took the puppies into their care.

The moment the rescue team saw the crying babies huddled together in the box, they felt brokenhearted.

The fragile babies were burning up from the heat of the dumpster. 

The rescue team rapidly moved the babies indoors and comforted them. The puppies stopped crying. They realized that they were in good hands.

The little babies were dehydrated. Their caregivers prepared them formula right away and bottle-fed them. The babies ate as fast as they could.

Puppies Start Recovering

Melissa Boatner, the vice president of the Troy animal rescue, brought all five babies to her home. She was determined to nurse them back to health. 

Boatner, who is one of the main bottle feeders of the rescue group, gave the puppies around-the-clock care.

The babies proved to be resilient, and they quickly bounced back.

Their amazing foster mom showered them with love, wishing to erase the trauma they suffered. 

The puppies took in all her love. Feeling safe and content, they started thriving and playing with each other. 

“They were a little lethargic from being dehydrated and being hungry, but they perked back up fairly quickly. As you can see, they are little chunky monkeys right now,” Boatner said in an interview.

tiny puppies sleeping outdoors
Source: WTVY News4

Despite the rough start they had in life, the puppies are expected to fully recover.

“All five puppies are recovering amazingly well. ..Our vet thinks they will make full recoveries and grow into beautiful, healthy dogs,” Troy Animal Rescue Project wrote in a Facebook post.

The five adorable puppies will stay at their foster home until they are ready to start searching for their forever homes.  

I’m extremely thankful to the giant-hearted woman who found the helpless puppies and called for help right away. Thanks to you, the puppies survived, and they have bright futures ahead.