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Rescuer Was In Disbelief When He Saw An Owner Dump His Dog On A Highway

Rescuer Was In Disbelief When He Saw An Owner Dump His Dog On A Highway

There is perhaps nothing worse than seeing people neglect or abuse defenseless animals who can not get any help.

As it just happens, in the story we will talk about today, a driver was seen throwing a box out of his car, which was noticed by Good Samaritans who went to check it out.

To their surprise and horror, they found that there was a puppy inside, and she was just hurled out of the vehicle like she was nothing.

It’s absolutely horrible to think about, and I can’t understand why people would do something like this. 

A Lucky Break

However, not everything was doom and gloom as the Good Samaritans had notified rescuers about this sweet puppy who needed help.

The girls decided to stay with her until help arrived, and they had actually waited for almost two hours.

The puppy was dumped next to a highway, which could have been incredibly dangerous if she was not found almost immediately.

Luckily, she was not hurt after being thrown out of the car. However, the dog was very hungry as she was likely not fed in a while.

The rescuers finally arrived and examined the dog. She needed to be taken to a veterinarian clinic so that they could do a checkup.

However, they first gave her something to eat and it was just heartbreaking to see how hungry she was.

She was then taken to the vet immediately after that, but unfortunately, it was late, and no one was there, so they tried the next day.

The rescuer examined the dog to see if there was anything wrong with her and noticed that there was indeed something unusual about her eyes and limbs.

As it turned out, she had a rare genetic disease called Periosteal Dysplasia, which was causing her a lot of problems, and nobody wanted her.

However, her rescuer was determined and would never abandon her. She took the sweet puppy home and decided to adopt her.

The Puppy’s Amazing Owner

One thing the rescuer noticed was that she was so happy around children and loved spending time with her daughter.

Everything was going great for a while; however, problems would soon start mounting up for this dog.

Her new owner noticed that her illness had just taken a turn for the worse, and she couldn’t even move her head. 

Something was causing a strange drool from her mouth and she needed an examination fast so they could figure out a treatment.

The vets determined that the reason for the drooling was because of the dilation of the esophagus, which caused food to stagnate.

Another piece of heartbreaking news was that dogs with this kind of genetic disease typically do not live long, so who knows how much time she had.

Her new owner was heartbroken to hear that, but there was not much she could do about it other than buy her more time.

After the veterinarians treated her, she was discharged a few days later and taken back to her home.

Things have calmed for a while, and her owner is now even more determined than ever to give her the best life possible.

If this story can show us anything, it’s that all dogs, regardless of illness, have a lot of love to give and deserve a wonderful home. It’s up to us to give them that.