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Rescuer Was Completely Heartbroken To Find This Poor Pup Living On A Dirty Old Couch

Rescuer Was Completely Heartbroken To Find This Poor Pup Living On A Dirty Old Couch

One depressing fact is that there are so many malnourished and starving dogs in this world who would do anything just to get help from someone.

However, one thing that is often overlooked is that some of them have been abused their entire lives and just prefer to stay away from humans at all cost, even if their salvation depends on it.

In this story, we will talk about a starving, abused dog who almost didn’t make it if not for his rescuers.

Aniken’s Tragic Story

the abused dog is lying on the couch
Source: The Moho

When rescuers from Reggie’s Friends, in Texas, were first notified about Aniken, they spent a while searching the place he was staying in.

During their search, they came across an anxious dog who was trying to lead them to the place Aniken was staying in.

He was too weak to move on his own, so his friend was watching over him and helped the rescuers find him.

Upon arriving at the location, they were shocked at the state they found him in. It was just a heartbreaking sight.

an abandoned dog finally rescued in the arms of a woman
Source: The Moho

The horror of what was done to him had been revealed. Most of his teeth were pulled out by force.

He also had many infected wounds on his body that the previous owners tried to sew up by hand, but it was incredibly sloppy and painful for the dog.

It was also clear that they never took him to a veterinarian clinic, as he had so many ticks on his body. 

I just can’t imagine how someone could do something like this to such an innocent and sweet dog.

A Long And Difficult Recovery

a woman at a gas station holds a dog in her arms
Source: The Moho

After being taken by his rescuers, Aniken just melted in her hands and felt so safe, almost as if he knew he was finally being saved.

Very soon, however, they took him to a veterinarian in Texas where all of the existing problems were confirmed, and even more were found.

He had many parasites, mange, a weak heart, weak kidneys, and he was also severely anemic. 

Aniken was a fighter, however. Despite the numerous physical and health problems, he would continue to fight.

Portrait of a malnourished dog wrapped in a blanket
Source: The Moho

After extensive treatment for basically all of his problems, it was time for him to relax a bit and enjoy a proper meal.

He had to be on a very specific diet consisting of many small meals, so his body could properly absorb all the nutrients.

Some time has passed and he is continuing his recovery journey. Aniken is still on a strict diet and vets are hoping he will be back to normal weight soon.

Aniken’s Astonishing Transformation

portrait of a beautiful white dog looking at the owner while painting him
Source: The Moho

While all of this is happening, he is staying in foster care where his caretakers could keep a close look out on him in case something happens.

He started to show his little tail wag, which meant that his mood was improving, and his fosters thought it would be good to take him on a short walk, which he really enjoyed.

Many months later and Aniken is now completely unrecognizable. He looks like a completely different dog.

His health has improved very much and he is so happy to be living his best life now with the people who love him so much.

As for Aniken’s friend, Tesa, who watched out for him, she has also found her forever home with a wonderful family, and they are lucky to have her.

It’s so heartwarming to see just how much we can accomplish when we give dogs our unconditional love and promise to be there for them in their toughest moments.

We know that Aniken, now named Ian, is so grateful to be with such amazing people, and he can finally enjoy his life to the fullest.