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Rescuer Thought Abandoned Pup With Big Belly Was Pregnant But The Vets Said Otherwise

Rescuer Thought Abandoned Pup With Big Belly Was Pregnant But The Vets Said Otherwise

The age-old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend really is true.

They dedicate their entire lives to showing us that we are loved and appreciated, but unfortunately, not every dog gets the same in return.

The pup of today’s story, who spent six years trying his best to be a good girl to her owner, was cruelly abandoned at a gas station, leaving her confused, heartbroken, and afraid.

Rescue Mission

Looking for food in a landfill so that she could survive, the pup’s only wish was to be noticed by a kind hooman who would offer her a second chance.

Luckily, she didn’t have to wait too long as a devoted rescuer noticed her and decided to approach her.

However, as they got closer, they noticed that the pup had a very big belly making them believe that she was pregnant.

Thinking that she could give birth at any second, the rescuer quickly took her to the vet so that she could receive a thorough examination.

After she had some tests done, the rescuer was informed that she was experiencing heart failure, which was making it difficult for her to breathe. She also had fluid in her abdomen as well as an enlarged liver, causing her stomach to be enlarged, making her look pregnant.

Since her condition was quite serious, the vets decided to perform a medical procedure on her immediately. After withdrawing over 100 ounces from her stomach, the pup felt instant relief.

Even though her rescuer took her in as a foster, her battle was still not over. She is just starting her treatment, which will last for two months, and only then will she be able to start her new life.

Luckily, she now has the best hoomans in her life who were going to make sure that she had everything she needed to make this process go by in a heartbeat.

New Life

Two long years later, the pip who was once roaming a gas station was now completely unrecognizable.

She had a lot of energy, a big appetite, and a will to live!

Being named Knopa, she began her new life with a loving forever family who had so much love for her that she felt like a puppy all over again.

Spending her days with her new hoomans and furry siblings, Knopa completely forgot about all of the hardships she endured and focused all of her energy on her bright, loving future.

A big thank you to every hooman who helped Knopa find her spark again.

You guys not only make this world a better place, but you also inspire others to follow in your footsteps and give other animals the life they truly deserve.

Thank you!