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Rescuer Noticed Something Was Off About A Stray Dog She Saw So She Decided To Help Him

Rescuer Noticed Something Was Off About A Stray Dog She Saw So She Decided To Help Him

We don’t often talk about stories in which dogs are suffering from some form of neurological problem. 

While it may seem like those health problems are rare for them, many of them still have them, and it’s heartbreaking when you think about what they have to deal with.

Even everyday tasks are made much harder by this, and some can’t even do those properly without the assistance of their owner.

They deserve all the help they can get. In this story, we will talk about a dog who was found by a rescuer, and she immediately noticed something was wrong with him.

Freddie Has A Lot Of Problems

When Freddie’s rescuer, Samantha, approached him for the first time, she was immediately surprised by his friendliness, but also something else.

She noticed that he was walking in a weird way and his head was wobbling, so she suspected that he had some other health problems.

Other people told the rescuer that this dog was mostly living on the streets of Texas, eating whatever he could find and usually taking shelter in other people’s yards when it was raining.

It was a really horrible way to live, but hopefully, all of that was over for him as his rescuer had decided to take him to a better place.

At first, Samantha did not intend to take him home because she didn’t have any room for him, but she knew he needed help.

She thought about trying to find him a foster, but he was just so vulnerable that she couldn’t wait for that.

Samantha took him into the car and back to her home in Texas. She would later take him to a veterinarian clinic for a proper checkup to see what was wrong with him.

And, they found out that he had Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Basically, what this means is that he was likely born this way, and the part of his brain that is in charge of motor function was smaller.

As for treatments for this disease, there are none, but it will likely never get worse, so Freddie will still be able to do the things he normally does.

Freddie’s Still A Very Happy Dog

When Samantha took some time to finally get to know this sweet dog a little bit better, she found that he was always so friendly but shy at times.

He loved playing and moving around despite his condition. It never deterred him on any of his adventures.

Freddie was also introduced to the other dogs who lived in that house, and it was no surprise that he immediately made a lot of friends.

His positive attitude rubbed off on everyone, and they were all always happy to see him. He is just so adorable.

He loved spending a lot of time on the couch, and Samantha would try to make it easier for him to get up, as he could not do it by himself.

One of their favorite things to do is just relax and enjoy themselves. Freddie is so lucky to be cared for by such an amazing person.

However, his journey is not over yet, as Samantha still needs to find a forever home for him, and it will be a difficult task.

As soon as Freddie is finished with his treatment, he will be transferred over to Lola’s Lucky Day to find his new family.

While we don’t know what happened next, I think we can all safely assume that this sweet dog has found his new home by now and is now living with the most amazing people.