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Rescuer Jumped Into A Canal In Order To Save A Little Skittish Pup Who Had No Idea How To Get Out

Rescuer Jumped Into A Canal In Order To Save A Little Skittish Pup Who Had No Idea How To Get Out

Surviving on the cold, harsh streets is hard for any dog, let alone for a tiny pup who found himself in a very difficult situation.

So, when Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, a rescue organization based in Irvine, California, heard about a small puppy who was stuck in a canal without a way out, she knew she had to go help him immediately.

However, since this was a serious and difficult rescue mission, she had to call in some backup.

Rescue Mission

dog running on a concrete
Source: Suzette Hall

After contacting her friend, Nelson, and informing him of the situation, the two Californian rescuers made their way to the location, determined to rescue the pup from the sticky situation he had gotten himself into.

When they arrived, Hall and Nelson didn’t know how to approach the rescue. But since they didn’t know how long the puppy had been down there without food or water, Nelson knew he didn’t have much time.

“Nelson was so incredibly brave, he literally climbed down into the canal. He literally didn’t know how he would get back out but he didn’t give up,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

Unfortunately, when the pup saw Nelson approaching him, he was so scared that he tried to run away.

But, Nelson did not give up. After some time, he managed to catch him with a net and find a way to climb out of the canal, getting himself and the pup back to safety.

dog sleeping in a blanket
Source: Suzette Hall

As soon as she had him in her arms, Hall comforted the pup, letting him know that nothing bad would ever happen to him again, before driving him to her friend Kristina, where he spent the night.

adorable white puppy in car
Source: Suzette Hall

Road To Recovery

Unfortunately, the pup, now named Sammy, was not in very good condition.

Apart from still being skittish, he had a foxtail stuck between his two toes, making the area severely painful and, ultimately, infected.

Luckily, he was able to be scheduled for surgery the very next day.

white dog laying in a bed
Source: Suzette Hall

With all of the incredible donations and the incredible vet team, Sammy’s surgery was a success.

“He’s in recovery and doing just fine. He had one tooth extracted. He’s going to be on pain, meds, and antibiotics,” she wrote.

New Life

As Sammy was recovering, one of the vet techs decided that his recovery would be so much easier if he were in a foster home rather than the clinic.

So, she decided to take him in.

And, the rest is history!

happy white dog playing with owner
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall stated how the tech fell in love with him immediately and that she wanted nothing more but to make him a part of her loving family. And who could say no to that?

Sammy is now living the life of his dreams surrounded by loving hoomans and an incredible furry sibling who turns every day into an incredible adventure.

two dogs on a leash
Source: Suzette Hall

A huge thank you to every hooman involved in this incredible rescue! You guys made one pup happy beyond words.

Thank you!