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Heartbroken Rescuer Finds Dog Struggling In A Truck Yard And Decides To Help

Heartbroken Rescuer Finds Dog Struggling In A Truck Yard And Decides To Help

When it comes to owning dogs, it should come as no surprise that there are still parts of any country where people will absolutely neglect their pets.

It’s a really horrible thing that a lot of people don’t think happens very often, but you would be wrong if you thought that.

In some cases, the abuse or neglect can be so severe that the dogs would just try to flee from their owner. That’s how scared they get.

This is tragic, but the real world is not always a nice place. When this particular pup was found by a group of drivers in a truck yard in California, they were surprised to see her.

They did not know how or why she got there as there were no houses nearby, but they wanted to help somehow, so they called for help.

Suzette Hall To The Rescue

pup alone in truck yard
Source: Suzette Hall

When the workers in the yard first noticed the dog, they realized that she still had a leash attached.

So, there was a good chance that she fled her home. For what reason? It’s hard to tell, but there was a possibility that she was abused, so she ran away.

The truck yard was pretty big so she had quite a few hiding spots as she was terrified of other people.

pup standing next to a truck
Source: Suzette Hall

She would spend a lot of the time mostly just eating cat food – it’s how she survived for two weeks before truck drivers called for help.

Whenever they tried to help her, it didn’t go well. They wanted to help her relax, but she would always just run away.

She hid under the trucks as there was plenty of room, and no one could reach her there. The poor pup had no way of knowing these people meant well.

Hall Is On The Mission

scared pup looking at the camera
Source: Suzette Hall

When Suzette Hall finally arrived at the scene, the drivers there pointed her to where the dog was hiding.

The woman brought some nice, warm hot dogs, and the pup noticed them. The smell drew her in immediately.

She looked so hungry but wouldn’t dare to approach her just yet. So, Hall decided to place a humane trap with the food inside a kennel.

After that, she distanced herself away and just waited. There was nothing more she could do at that moment.

pup in a kennel
Source: Suzette Hall

Now that the pup had relaxed a little bit, she immediately went for the food, and the trap did its job right there.

Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when they realized that the dog was finally safe and secure.

The truck drivers thanked Hall for helping this sweet dog. She then took her back into the car and decided to drive her back to the shelter in California.

woman and a dog sitting
Source: Suzette Hall

After that, the puppy hugged her new rescuer so tightly that it seemed she knew her rescuer was leading her to a better life.

While we don’t know what happened next for this pup or if she will be taken into foster care for a while, we are certain that Suzette Hall will do everything in her power to help her.

In the end, this poor pup struggled for two weeks to survive on her own, but kindness from strangers showed her that not all people are bad and that a lot of us want to help out if we can.