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This Rescuer Found An Abandoned Dog And Gained His Trust With A Piece Of Lasagna

This Rescuer Found An Abandoned Dog And Gained His Trust With A Piece Of Lasagna

When a rescuer named Prue, who worked at Mission Pawsible, saw something strange while driving by a busy road, something in her told her she needed to stay alert.

Upon second glance, she noticed that a bag was thrown out of a car, and as the other cars went by, the bag flew away, uncovering a tiny pup.

The dedicated rescuer immediately stopped her car and went to help.

Rescue Mission

abandoned dog in corner
Source: The Dodo

Prue got out of her car and spotted the 3-month-old pup successfully avoiding the ongoing traffic and running into a corner.

“The people that threw the bag wanted her to go over the bridge and down into the ravine. But she hit the guardrail, and then she bounced off there and then scattered out of the bag across the road,” said Prue.

Even though the traffic was quite busy, Prue decided to approach the pup, hoping that she wouldn’t get scared and run away.

cute abandoned dog
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, the pup decided to stand still, but she was still very hesitant and frightened. That’s when the rescuer thought of a very clever plan.

I went into my shopping bag and I pulled out a nice dinner, which was a lasagna.

The rescuer brought the yummy food close to her nose so that the pup could smell it. Prue was hoping that this would distract the pup from everything that was going on around her as well as gain her trust.

guy giving food abandoned dog
Source: The Dodo

The plan worked! As soon as the sweet pup started eating the delicious food, she began to relax. Prue took this opportunity to bond with the pup, stroking her chest and talking to her in a sweet and calm voice.  

She calms down, and she actually lifts her arm. And that was her signaling ‘It’s okay now. You can lift me.’ It was one of the most beautiful moments I had in a rescue because we really did talk to each other without talking.

Next Step

dog in a bag
Source: The Dodo

Prue wasn’t really sure what she should do next since all the animal clinics were closed. She thought about taking her to her house, but because she already had a couple of dogs there, that really wasn’t an option.  

She then called one of her friends and asked if she could take in a pup for the night as she worked on finding her a foster home.

The pup spent 2 to 3 months in foster care where she was learning how to socialize and trust humans again.

Not too long afterward, the doggo not only underwent an incredible transformation, but she also met a hooman named Maria.

New Home

The pup, later named Ellie, and her new hooman, Maria, clicked instantly. They started doing everything together, which made Ellie feel loved and appreciated.

Ellie grew up into a beautiful dog who loves spending time at the beach as well as playing with her furry sibling.

There is something with her. It is funny when you sometimes meet dogs you kind of know they are going to be okay. And I just knew she was going to be okay.  

And, she sure is! Ellie is now finally living the life she deserves, surrounded by fun, love, and adoration.

Good girl, Ellie!