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Rescuer Heartbroken To Find A Mom Dog And Her 8 Babies Abandoned Near Gas Station

Rescuer Heartbroken To Find A Mom Dog And Her 8 Babies Abandoned Near Gas Station

No pet deserves to be kicked out of their home and experience betrayal from the very humans they considered their family.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a Pug mother named Miss Bianca, and her eight puppies. The adorable canine family was struggling to survive, desperately searching for crumbs of food after they were dumped near a gas station in San Antonio, Texas.

The doggo and her babies trusted their family unconditionally. They were unable to understand why their owner abandoned them when they most needed their love.

The worried mother dog tried to care for her pups the best way she could. With her whole heart, she hoped that someone would soon find them and show them empathy.

Saving Precious Lives

Luckily, a kind-hearted woman found the canine family, who lived close to the gas station. She brought them to Society For Animal Rescue and Adoption, a non-profit sanctuary located in Seguin.

According to Tracy Frank, the owner of the sanctuary, it’s a common occurrence to dump dogs at the wooded area behind the gas station.

She emphasizes how cruel it is to dump one’s pet and leave them struggling to survive.

“So many people are irresponsible and uncaring when it comes to their pets. Dumping a helpless dog off to fend for itself is indefensible and cruel,” Frank told Newsweek.

The mother dog and her precious babies had a hard time living at the gas station without proper food. After they were rescued, the mama dog breathed a sigh of relief. 

She and her babies were in bad condition, and they received the necessary treatment.

“They were underweight and had lots of fleas and parasites,” Frank stated. 

The adorable pups melted the hearts of the rescue staff, who took exceptional care of them, giving them a lot of affection.

Whenever the kind people stroked them, the fur babies’ eyes shined brightly, and they planted many kisses on their caregivers’ hands. The pups were so appreciative of their help.

Their rescue friends named them after Disney characters: Aurora, Rapunzel, Gaston, Ellie Mae, Fauna, Cinderella, Amelia, and Belle.

Their mom, who was given the name of Miss Bianca, loved snuggling with the staff. She was a true lap dog.

The Love They Truly Deserved

Both the mom and her pups felt safe at the rescue. They savored all the love and attention their human friends showered them with.

After they were dewormed, the sweet pups started gaining weight and thriving. They became playful, and they happily explored their surroundings.

Having made a full recovery, the canine family began searching for their forever homes.

Miss Bianca was overjoyed when she found her happily ever after. She was adopted by a loving family.

Most of her puppies didn’t have to wait long to get their happy endings. They cheerfully ran to their new parents’ arms, ready to take in all their love.

I hope that the remaining siblings who still search for their humans will soon have their greatest wish fulfilled. They are eager to start a new life outside the sanctuary and enjoy their puppyhood.