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Rescuer Heartbroken To Find A Scared Dog On The Street Struggling In Freezing Cold

Rescuer Heartbroken To Find A Scared Dog On The Street Struggling In Freezing Cold

Even as a rescuer, I imagine that many, if not all of them, are always heartbroken to see a small stray puppy out on the streets trying to survive.

I mean, who wouldn’t feel bad? They are just so helpless and they need somebody to show and teach them how to survive.

Without their mom or siblings, they really have no chance of making it out on their own unless somebody helps them.

In this story, we will talk about the sweetest stray dog who was found by rescuers in freezing cold weather next to a road.

A Struggling Puppy

shivering dog
Source: Pet Tales

It was an ordinary day when a stray puppy was found on the street by a kind rescuer who just wanted to help him.

Upon seeing him at first, she was just heartbroken. She noticed the state he was in and realized that he needed help.

It was clear that he was really cold in the awful freezing weather, and he seemed a bit scared to meet her.

However, he didn’t run. The puppy didn’t do anything, in fact. He seemed so hopeless and sad, but that was all going to change soon.

tiny rescued pup
Source: Pet Tales

His rescuer took him to the car and straight to the groomer. After the initial shave, this sweet pup, now named Peach, was completely unrecognizable.

He was then given a warm bath, which he surprisingly enjoyed. Then, he was curled up in a blanket, and Peach decided to take a nap.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the rescuer decided to take Peach into her own home and adopt her. It was no surprise that his mood had changed completely after he was taken in.

He was already really playful and happy now that he knew his troubles were over. It was just so adorable.

Peach Is So Energetic

dog named peach
Source: Pet Tales

Peach behaved like he had been living in his rescuer’s home for years and not days, but she was glad to see how well he adapted.

She was more than glad to give him some toys to play around with, but that didn’t stop him from attacking her slippers and completely random objects, like bottles.

Over time, his rescuer noticed Peach’s destructive but sweet nature. He would start digging through the trash or even going through the dirt where the plants were.

However, when she brings him food, that’s when everything changes all of a sudden. He stops focusing on whatever he is doing and starts running for the bowl.

peach the rescued dog in a car
Source: Pet Tales

As he got a bit older, he started to become even more energetic and outgoing. It was difficult to contain him, but his rescuer was so happy to see him enjoying himself.

She decided to take him out for a walk on one eventful day, and that was a whole adventure in itself. 

It was no surprise to her at this point that he got really dirty from playing around everywhere in the park. 

He even met a new friend. At first, they just liked walking around together, but they started playing soon after that, and it was really wholesome to see.

In the end, a simple act of rescuing a puppy changed both of their lives. Peach is so happy to live in such a wonderful home where he is loved and appreciated by his mom.