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Rescuers Spot A Dog Lying On A Pile Of Trash Near Dumpster And Immediately Jump Into Action

Rescuers Spot A Dog Lying On A Pile Of Trash Near Dumpster And Immediately Jump Into Action

It’s heartbreaking to learn how cruel some dog owners can be towards innocent pups who deserve to be immeasurably loved.

Instead of making their canines feel safe and happy, their owners abuse them and break their hearts. They abandon their faithful pups who trusted them with their whole heart.

Snapple is a wonderful dog who knows how it feels to be betrayed by the people she trusted the most. Her ruthless owners tied her to a dumpster and left her without feeling any empathy or concern for her well-being.

A Frightened Pup In Need Of Help

Fortunately, Donna Lochmann and her fellow rescuers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis happened to be driving through the Missouri capital. As soon as they noticed a helpless pup lying on a pile of trash, they jumped out of the car and rushed to help her.

After they approached the doggo and realized that she was tied to the dumpster, their hearts sank.

“We pulled up to find a dog [lying] in a pile of trash, looking up at us. [She was] tied to a dumpster with a cable, and the cable was all twisted around a fence,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis wrote on Facebook.

The dog realized that she couldn’t untangle herself. Curled up in the trash, she had nothing but hope that someone would save her and take her somewhere safe.

When the pup saw the rescuers, she lifted her head and looked at them with eyes filled with sadness.

The rescue team tried to set her free, but the canine was too frightened to let them approach her. She started barking. 

Winning Her Trust

The rescuers didn’t give up on her. They knew that the pooch didn’t trust them because of the heartless people who let her down.

Lochmann was determined to gain her trust. She gave her Vienna sausages and the hungry doggo munched on them.

After a while, the canine, who was later named Snapple, decided to put her faith in her rescuers and she let them put a leash over her neck. 

The rescue team set her free and carried her to the car. At first, the pooch had her guard up, but she soon realized that she was in good hands.

Her heroes took her to the shelter and gave her a soothing bath. 

She underwent a medical checkup, and the team was glad to find out that Snapple was in excellent health.

Showering Snapple With A Lot Of Love

The sweet canine felt scared, and she still couldn’t forget the hardships she went through. Her wonderful shelter friends in St. Louis focused on winning her over. 

They wanted to let her know that she would never be hurt and abandoned again.

The shelter staff pampered her with care and gave her all their love. 

Gradually, the doggo began relaxing and coming out of her shell. Snapple covered her caregivers with kisses and showed them how much she appreciated their love and care. 

She still needs some time to heal her emotional wounds and to realize that happier times are ahead of her.

Although the adorable pup is available for adoption, her shelter friends want to give her as much time as she needs in order to heal completely.

“She can let those walls down when she’s ready. [Stray Rescue of St. Louis] gives dogs the time they need, each on their own unique timeline,” the shelter wrote.

They will be by her side every step of the way, giving her a lot of love and helping her thrive.

We’re sure that Snapple will find a great forever family who will show her how wonderful life can be. We can’t wait to see her transform into the happiest pup in the world.