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Rescuer Notices Strange Movement Near Abandoned House, Then Discovers Shocking Truth

Rescuer Notices Strange Movement Near Abandoned House, Then Discovers Shocking Truth

Small puppies are easily the most innocent and adorable animals that exist in this world. Just seeing them is enough to make anyone’s day brighter.

Their playfulness and happiness is just so infectious that you can’t resist taking them for yourself.

In this story, however, we will talk about two abandoned puppies who were left on their own and then found by a kind woman.

Two Sweet Furry Babies

dog sitting on a grass next to house
Source: TikTok

Just as she was walking her dog, Edi, a woman named Ashley came across an abandoned house and noticed something.

There were two small puppies living there and playing in the yard the whole time.

She told The Dodo: “My first feelings were shock and disbelief that there were two puppies running around, followed quickly by panic at the sudden feeling of responsibility for them!”

@aahibbs Edi and i talked about it she isnt mad just dissapointed. 😭 #puppies #lostdogs #rescue ♬ original sound – Ashley

Ashley stayed for a bit and noticed that nobody was coming for these puppies, and then realized that they were abandoned.

It was at this point that she decided that she needed to do something about it. She took her dog back home and went back to help the puppies.

She was really scared of going back there and not seeing them, so she hurried fast.

two cute brown puppies
Source: TikTok

When she took the puppies home, she gave them some nice food and water. While they ate, she named them Tempura and Panko, and decided to schedule a vet appointment for them.

She said: “Tempura is a mischievous little rascal whose favorite game is stealing whatever toy Edi is currently playing with. Panko is a very affectionate lover boy and he will trade kisses for chin rubs. They’re both insanely smart.”

New And Warm Home For The Puppies

two puppies laying down in the car
Source: TikTok

Ashley contacted her local shelter and asked about the puppies to see if anyone was looking for them. But, that wasn’t the case.

The deal was already sealed. At first, Ashley was fostering these sweet babies with Edi’s help and was looking for their new home.

She said: “Every day I spend with them I don’t think I could ever possibly give one up. Also, Edi loves them, and she does such a good job keeping them entertained and behaved. Edi is the best girl.”

However, some time had passed and Ashley’s followers on Tiktok wanted an update on Tempura and Panko.

@aahibbs Replying to @ervinmatthews03 ♬ Beautiful – Soft boy

She realized that their bond was now unbreakable and she couldn’t just give them up, so Ashley has now officially adopted them as her own, and she posted an update on Tiktok.

I believe that this is best for them as they have a warm and loving home with an older sibling who will take care of them and treat them right.

They didn’t deserve to be abandoned like that in front of an empty house, but that unfortunate event led them to the wonderful life that they have now. I am so happy for them.