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Rescue Pittie Was Determined To Win Grandpa Over And Now They Share A Special Bond

Rescue Pittie Was Determined To Win Grandpa Over And Now They Share A Special Bond

Once a stray on the unforgiving streets, this pittie was plucked from obscurity by a compassionate family and it seemed that all his problems had come to an end.

Yet, as heartwarming as his rescue story was, the pittie had another mission that would make even James Bond’s adventures look like a walk in the park. His goal? To win over the most discerning critic under the same roof – Grandpa!

In a story filled with glass breaking and table-climbing, but also tail-wagging, heartfelt hijinks, and more doggy kisses than you can shake a chew toy at, our four-legged hero embarked on a mission to thaw the frostiest of a grandparent’s heart.

Join us as we unravel the heartwarming saga of how this determined pittie journeyed from a street stray to a cherished family member, and how he and Grandpa forged a special bond that would become “the talk of the town”.

It Wasn’t Ideal At The Beginning

girl holding a dog
Source: The Dodo

One day, Molly was on a trip when she suddenly noticed a dog next to the highway. He was just lying there motionless. 

She immediately knew something was wrong and stopped to take a closer look at him. It was obvious that this poor pittie was sick and infected, and also very shy and withdrawn. 

Molly assumed that he was abandoned. Abandoned dogs are the most devastated ones because there is nothing more sacred to these creatures than the bond with their human. 

Even though she already had a little dog family back home in Massachusetts, she didn’t have the heart to leave him alone on the road. She took him to the vet where he spent a long time recovering from everything that was bothering him.

During that time, Molly had a heated argument with her dad, who was not at all in favor of bringing him into the house for foster care, let alone adopting him.

She didn’t care, and after about a month of his recovery, she brought this Pit Bull home in Massachusetts

Polo, as she called him, integrated into the family fast. He quickly grew into the heart of Grandma Barbara. Besides that, he was warmly welcomed by his canine pals, and he found his new best friend, Georgia, as well.

Everything was almost ideal. The only piece missing in his happy puzzle was his grandpa Wayne, Molly’s father, who still ignored him. But, this dog had no intention of giving up.

His Genuine Love For Children Won Grandaddy Over

old guy and his dog
Source: The Dodo

Like any Pit Bull, Polo was a very energetic dog and often had to channel his energy in some way. In addition to running around the yard, chasing the ball, and playing with his canine friends, he often did mischief around the house.

Molly realized it was his unique way of impressing his grandfather. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that, and no matter how hard he tried, his grandaddy didn’t like it.

Polo had to change his tactics to capture this man’s heart, so he turned to another thing that dogs are known for. 

Whenever a baby or a small child was around, Polo would become very gentle and would start to radiate love for the little ones. 

It was something that softened Wayne’s heart, and he decided to get a little closer to this pittie after all.

“I said that I am gonna get a little closer to him and, oh my God, he got closer to me,” Wayne told The Dodo

It was a moment of true happiness for both, and one that marked the beginning of a true relationship that was almost impossible to break.

A Special Bond That Lasts

girl and dog laying together outside the house
Source: The Dodo

From the day they got close, Wayne and Polo became inseparable. Polo loved all family members, but Wayne held a special place in his heart. 

He would look forward to him the most when he came home, he ate his food first from his hand, and he loved his uninvited attention the most.

Polo loved Wayne so much that he would always start barking even when Wayne was talking on the phone. Wayne was truly his “comfort human”. 

Of course, the love was mutual, and Wayne loved Polo no less. He would always buy him special clothes to make his favorite dog look more beautiful, and he took Polo everywhere with him, showing him to other people as his “crown jewel”.

These two were like therapy to each other and, for all the members of this family, their mutual love was a blessing that floated in the air. 

As Molly puts it, “The day Polo entered our family, we won the lottery.”