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Rescue Dog Who Only Goes Right Due To Disability Finally Gets The Right Furever Home

Rescue Dog Who Only Goes Right Due To Disability Finally Gets The Right Furever Home

Hi Friendses! I is Arbor! I has hydrocephalus, I is visually impaired, and I is heres to spreads da joy and happiness!!!

Yes, that’s Arbor and he’s with us today to share his story. This poor rescue soul has endured so much, but his spirit still has not broken. 

Life didn’t spoil Arbor from day one. Born with severe health conditions, Arbor was predetermined to be tossed to the curve and forgotten by everyone.

Still, someone from above decided not everything would be lost: Arbor would have a chance. 

Arbor will be loved by a special hooman, and finally, that day has come. 

Right Is The Only Right Way

From the moment she saw him on I Stand With My Pack, Arbor’s mom knew she had to bring him home. The way this special dog pirouetted into her life was something incredible. She simply knew that it was her dog.

Hoomom didn’t waste her time. She drove straight to Los Angeles and way back from Southern California to Willamette Valley, Oregon, to bring Arbor into her loving family. 

Arbor was born special in every possible way. Coming from a breeding-hoarding situation, being blind, and having congenital hydrocephalus did not make things easy for Arbs. 

Luckily, he was rescued from a miserable life and offered a home. 

If Arbor’s mom had never seen him, who knows who would have adopted him? 

In Arbor’s case, hydrocephalus means he’s got almost no cortical matter in his brain. Most of his skull is water. Because of this condition, Arbor has some severe neurological deficits.

While other dogs turn left, right, and in any possible way, Arbor can only make right turns. His brain simply works the right way. 

Thanks to the right treatments, Arbor gets to live his best life. 

Every Day Is Arbor Day

You hear twinkle taps, and there’s Arbor, making these big laps around you. Of course, his laps always go to the right. 

Being blind and with a condition that limits his normal life didn’t stop Arbor from enjoying family time to the fullest. He acts just like any dog despite all his disabilities. 

Arbor loves his hooman brother, as well as the other four-legged siblings in the house. But, his hoomom is the favorite person of them all. Whenever she needs a hug or five minutes to relax her mind, there comes Arbor – all ready to snuggle and offer support.

This Pittie is a result of poor breeding, but his pure soul turned out just pawfect. 

Arbor takes good care of his hoomom, and his hoomom takes good care of him. Adopting Arbor was a turning point in her life – a push into a new world where she finally pursued her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Arbor couldn’t wish for a more perfect hoomom!

“I’m grateful for his existence and that’s what I wanna share with people. I’m not coming from a point of grief. I’m coming at it from a point of gratitude. I’m grateful that I get to share my life and my world with this beautiful soul,” she said in the video.

Hoomom took the right turn and stumbled upon Arbor. 

And, Arbor did what he does best: took the right turn, too, and won the hearts of not just his family but thousands of others. 

On his Instagram account, Arbor shares his daily wisdom, pawdorable situations, and sparkle spins.

A dog that was once mishandled and rejected by everyone now inspires not only pups but also humans. Arbor never gave up. He always went straight right, showing everyone he’s got the heart of a lion.

When nothing goes right, listen to Arbor and try going right once again.