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Adorable Rescue Dog Makes Friends With Everyone Except For His Cat Siblings

Adorable Rescue Dog Makes Friends With Everyone Except For His Cat Siblings

They say that ‘rescued’ is the best breed that you can get in a dog, and Tony is here to prove it! 

Since the moment he arrived in Kelly’s home, he has been nothing but the sweetest boi. In no time, he became a local celebrity with his own little specialty of melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

But, not everything goes smoothly for this four-legged beauty! Unlike hoomans and other dogs, Tony’s cat siblings are not exactly into him!

The Biggest Lovebug

dog laying on the back
Source: @gavgfkuk

When Kelly first saw Tony, she couldn’t believe that he was even real. He looked so adorable, and the fact that his body resembled a hippo, a manatee, and a Teddy bear all at once made him even cuter!

Tony was saved from a backyard breeder when he was only weeks old. Due to an ongoing court case, he couldn’t be rehomed instantly, so he spent five months in a local shelter.

“Tony was in the shelter for about five months. And just knowing him now, the kennels must have been just absolute hell for him,” Kelly told GeoBeats Animals.

The first time he entered Kelly and Gavin’s home, he was super stressed out. He needed a few weeks to come out of his shell, but then his true character kicked in!

Once he realized that Kelly and Gavin had given him a forever home, Tony completely opened up and showed his adorable side. He became extremely cuddly and clingy, and he definitely chose Gavin to be his number-one human! 

Whenever his dad is at the car restoration company working, Tony makes sure to come and assist him. He’ll be under the car together with him, waiting for a quick cuddle from his dad!

This year, Kelly posted a video combining all the highlight moments of Tony and Gav, and showing how great of a bond this dynamic duo has.

“The greatest love story ever told…I walk him, feed him, but he’s @gavgfkuk bestest boy. Tony’s love of Gav and cuddles combined…Enjoy,” Kelly wrote under the video.

In such a short period of time, Tony became everyone’s sweetheart. Besides his pawrents, his entire community fell in love with his cheerful, cuddly character. 

And, the fact that he now lives by the sea makes his life even more awesome! Tony loves the beach very much, and his owners make sure to give him the opportunity he never had in a shelter – to run freely as much as he wants!

Why Won’t You Be My Furriend?

There’s one problem, though! Not everyone has a smooth way with Tony. Apparently, his two cat siblings are not thrilled with the idea of living with him – at all

Whenever he tries to make any sort of interaction, they just hiss at him and scare him away!

“He wants to play with them so much. Maybe one day he’ll get his dream and they’ll cuddle up to him,” says Kelly.

The reason why the cats have this attitude is quite vague to the family. 

They seem to be bothered or bored by such a high level of Tony’s enthusiasm, but this boi doesn’t care. He always tries to find new ways of communicating with his siblings, and he doesn’t intend to stop any time soon!

There are some times when it feels like Tony and the cats might get friendly with each other, but then everything falls apart and they start right where they left off.

Still, Kelly and Gav don’t lose hope that one day, the cats will truly accept him. They know how cute and persistent in love-giving Tony is, and that’s the card they are counting on! 

Until then, Tony will keep on living the best life and making everyone else in his life happy with his adorable personality.