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Rescue Dog Is Too Afraid To Go In A House Until She Met The Most Special Person

Rescue Dog Is Too Afraid To Go In A House Until She Met The Most Special Person

Meet Wendy – a dog who was rescued by a group of wonderful people and given a new chance in a foster home in California.

Her foster mom immediately took notice of how unsure she was about entering her house, but she was willing to sleep in a shed, so that’s where Wendy slept for a while.

While her foster is doing everything to help her overcome this fear, it’ll take some time before it happens.

She Was Making Progress

scared dog
Source: Youtube

Wendy’s foster mom told The Dodo: “She was just honestly terrified. The shed really did become her safe space. She loved it.

Because she was a naturally timid dog, she knew it was a matter of patience and perseverance until she changed.

She had both and was looking forward to spending time with Wendy and helping her learn how to live a normal life.

On one very ordinary day, she noticed that the dog had started showing interest in entering the house but was reluctant nevertheless.

dog feeling scared
Source: Youtube

Things changed for Wendy dramatically on week 2 when her foster mom joined her in the shed and spent some time working on the computer.

She noticed that this adorable pup was looking for her attention and knew it was only a matter of time before she mustered up the courage to enter the house.

The change in her attitude was pretty apparent and she was a lot more outgoing as days went by. It was also a lot more noticeable when they played outside.

Wendy Is Ready For A New Life

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In week 3, everything changed for Wendy. Her foster mom had decided it was time to see if she was ready, so she left the door of the house open.

The dog actually just casually walked inside, and it was such a big moment for her. Her foster mom was so proud.

She said: “And then before I knew it, she was sitting right next to me. And asking me for pets and trying to give me face kisses.

This meant that she was now learning how to live in her crate, as she was no longer going to be sleeping in the shed.

Now that she was much braver and happier, her foster mom introduced Wendy to her dog and the two became friends in an instant.

woman on the bed with dogs
Source: Youtube

They would play, explore, and take long naps together, and it was just heartwarming to see them enjoy their life. 

Her foster mom said: “She started to come out of her shell and started to be a dog. She is a total maniac now.

She has shown such determination and courage in the time she spent with her foster family. It’s really amazing to see how such small but important steps can change a dog’s life.

Wendy is still living with her foster mom in California, but they are looking to find her a new family and a wonderful home where she will be loved.